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History of Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose, popular wedding and event silhouette artisan 

Houstonian Cindi Rose is on the cutting edge of silhouette artistry
Text and photos by Mara Soloway
You’re either born an artist or not.” Renowned silhouette artist and native Houstonian Cindi Harwood Rose knew that she was at a very young age. “Around age 2, I picked up a pair of rounded scissors and etched a relief of a face into the yellow paint on the wall. As a child I was drawing portraits, nature and animals and painting in tempura,” she said. This early understanding of art principles and the consistent desire to create has continued throughout her life, leading to success in a unique art form. It helped that her mother, Doris Harwood, was an artist, architectural designer and paper-cutter.
She began papercutting shapes at 14, and at 16 she cut her first profile portrait. Soon Cindi started working at the art concession at Houston’s famed Astroworld, which was owned by Disney. Her sister Bonny answered an ad for a cashier and recommended Cindi be hired as a portrait artist. Her interview introduced her to what she saw as chauvinism in the art world. The interviewer demanded that she draw him, which she did. When he showed Cindi the work of one of the world’s few silhouette artists, who was working at the concession, she said, “I can do that.” He didn’t believe her and again demanded to see her create on the spot. She did. At least the man had some sense – he immediately fired the other artist, telling Cindi to begin working as his new silhouette artist the next day.
Cindi’s talent and proficiency at making silhouettes, portraits and watercolors led to bigger things. “I did so many at Astro­world,” she recalled. “Jess Rubio, the owner of the Astroworld and Disney art concessions,  flew me to Disneyland, and I did more silhouettes of the guests than the artist there. From then on this was my summer job and my Christmas job. When I finished college I went off to Disney World to cut silhouettes for one year, working 14-hour days five days a week.”
Cindi has strong opinions on what good art is versus what she refers to as chewing gum art. She doesn’t want to fit in with an art scene like the one she encountered when she double-majored and graduated with honors in art and journalism at the University of Texas at Austin in the 1970s. She found it too chauvinistic with too much emphasis on fitting in through drug use and sex. She refused to conform to that standard.
Cindi had graduated from Bellaire High School magna cum laude and had won many awards in art and poetry. It didn’t occur to her that she could apply to other schools for scholarships because she was already an employed artist. She ended up at UT because her parents insisted she pay for her college degree from her silhouette summer earnings. She would have preferred to go to a school the caliber of Parsons School of Art, NYU or Pratt. Cindi later studied sculpture at Glassell School of Art, ceramic art at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass and Impressionism oil painting in Paris, where she found encouragement and respect.
As a journalist, she was the society writer for Houston Magazine, and wrote freelance for the Houston Chronicle. She also won beauty contests that landed her with a modeling/acting agency. She modeled for Mary Anne Duffey and Neal Hammil, and starred on Fox Houston TV on the comedy Captain Harold’s Theater of the Sky and a weekly exercise program. Cindi also had speaking parts in movies and in national commercials, earned her SAG-AFTRA card, and starred in dinner theater plays.
When she was 26, she took ownership of the art concession at Astroworld until she married at 32. “That was a big milestone for me at that age. I had 40 employees. I supported myself and owned my house when I met my husband.”
Cindi married her husband, plastic surgeon Franklin Rose M.D., in 1982. They have two children, Erica and Ben,  and two grandchildren. She took several years off from cutting silhouettes to raise her children, work for area charities and continue her writing career, although she did cut silhouettes here and there.
During this period, Cindi’s late sister Holly, who had also inherited her mother’s art talents and was a silhouette artist,  developed stage 4 breast cancer. While Holly was still alive, Cindi and Franklin created The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation in 2005. The nonprofit provides free reconstructive surgery to post-breast cancer patients and scholarship funds for students who have a lost a parent to cancer. Cindi raises funds through silhouette-making events; Franklin provides the reconstructions. They also cheer patients at Texas Children’s Hospital and provide scholarships to children who lost a parent to cancer for higher education or a specialty career. Holly passed away in 2012.
Cindi found making silhouettes for the foundation to be healing and restarted her  silhouette career again in 2010. She has calculated that she has made her intricate paper cutouts for more than one million people in the 40 total years she has made them. Silhouette portraiture is an ages-old art form of cutting a profile on black paper. The more talented the silhouette artist, the more the persona is shown. Cindi approaches each silhouette with her artist’s intuition. No mass of dreadlocks, curls or long beard intimidates her. One of her signature elements is the cutting of interior detail – an earring, shadows in the hair, folds of clothing. She also has a flair for eyelashes.
“If you think about it, it’s a contour drawing – it’s like drawing a portrait. You have to be able to put their personality and soul in it,” Cindi said. “I want them to have movement, to have texture. Putting the details inside makes them come alive.”
She pays intense attention to detail to both the silhouette and the materials that create the final framed product, using only top-quality silhouette paper, acid-free linen paper to adhere it to and oval frames. She often cuts one silhouette and after examination does a second to refine it. Each portrait takes from 12 seconds to a minute, with her record being 144 an hour. At most events she can create 30-plus an hour, and more if she has an assistant paste them to the background paper. She’s conceived of a charming idea for a wedding: she cuts two copies, one of which goes in a guest book for guests to write a special message.
Among the celebrities Cindi has met in person and made a silhouette for are: Queen Elizabeth, Ashley Judd, Dr. Phil, Lisa Ling, Zac Posen, Elvis Presley, Barbara Bush, Mohammed Ali, Tony Bennett and Sarah, Duchess of York. Among the entities that have invited her to make silhouettes at meetings, stores and offices are St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Cirque du Soleil, Mac Cosmetics, The Museum of New York, The Museum of San Diego, Hermes, Dolce and Gabbana and Google. Even a motorcycle gang hired her.
While her silhouette artistry brings her the most acclaim, Cindi is an artist in other media, making some of her clothing and jewelry to help people see her as she is – an artist. Her home is filled with her other art – paintings, pottery, sculpture – each a reflection of where she was in life when she created them.
“When you put art in a house it becomes your home,” Cindi said. “It’s a nice house but I’ve made it my home.”
Her work as an artist keeps her in touch with those close to her, such as the artists that worked for her at Astroworld. She’s reconnecting with friends of her daughter, sisters and nieces, who want silhouettes of their young children.
Is it difficult to cut out soulful profiles of so many people after first meeting them?  “I’m creative in everything I do. It’s really worse to not be creative – to be an artist and have to fit in a box. That’s why I’m happy doing silhouettes – I can be myself,” she said.
“I feel like this is what God wanted me to do. All those years I raised my children I was happy because I was meant to nurture. Now people ask what do I do for fun – I work for fun.”
To see more of her work, visit Cindi’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) along with her websites

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Cindi Rose on Houston Media TV 8

From a young age, Cindi Rose knew she was destined for the art world.
From drawing on the wall as a toddler, to painting pieces for her neighbors, the Houston native welcomed any opportunity to practice her passion for artistic expression.
After being hired as an artist by Astroworld at 16 years old, she was inspired by a silhouette artist there and ended up discovering she had the talent and precision needed to excel in that art form.
Since then, Rose’s motto has become, “Have scissors, will travel,” as her talent has taken her from Astroworld to around the world, cutting silhouettes for such notables as Tony Bennett, Barbara Bush, President Obama, and even Queen Elizabeth. Rose also takes pride in the fact she can use her talent to help support her philanthropic work. After a lifetime of shearing thousands of profiles, Rose continues to find joy in having a positive impact on each person for whom she creates a silhouette.
This video segment will air as part of the program Arts InSight on Friday, March 24th, 8:30pm, on Houston Public Media TV 8.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Endangered Art, Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose saves art and animals!

Endangered art, silhouette artist Cindi Rose saves art and animals!  

 Houston silhouette artist, Cindi Rose is an ambassador for the  Houston museum district and zoo.  
She loves doing volunteer work and silhouettes for survivors.  The proceeds from The Houston zoo help endangered animals.  The art of  directly paper cutting profiles without a preliminary sketch is a lost art.
Cindi has mastered this art since she was a teenager.  
Former Disney artists currently travel the USA and Canada. cutting silhouettes live at weddings, corporate events, stores, and special occasions. 

See Cindi cut Silhouettes here on TV!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Silhouette Tour with Hermes

Bravo's cast member Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose finished a silhouette USA tour in New York,California, Illinois,Philadelphia, Texas, Louisiana, Washington, DC, Virginia, and Florida for Hermes and talks about art, family, fashion silhouettes, Disney artists and being cast on national reality TV as a philanthropist and artist. 

Click here to watch Cindi in action!  

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Cindi Harwood Rose bites the Big Apple for Fashion Week

Former fashion models and natural-born artists take New York Fashion week with silhouette artwork to amaze fashionistas at fashion shows and high-end retail and designer stores.  Department stores hired the Silhouette Sisters to do around 60 guests per hour and show how the word silhouette also means fashion.  Both girls dressed in black and white and hand-cut portraits.  The people were truly amazed that both Kathryn and Cindi’s silhouettes were finely detailed and that they could do couples together.  Kathryn and Cindi both were drawing portraits since they were small and began working for Disney in the parks doing portraits and later, silhouettes.  A real silhouette artist actually cuts a portrait without a sketch or light directly from the paper.  Most silhouette artists can only do 12 per hour, but Kathryn and Cindi can do 25 to 30 more detailed and accurate silhouettes.  Besides being silhouette artists they are also purchasers, so the designer or retail venue can be very pleased to know that he has fashionable artists who may also purchase his/her clothes or cosmetics!  The sisters also do corporate events in the big apple.  You can hire both or one of them to assure a fashionable, silhouette supreme special event! Cindi Rose silhouettes fashion designer Zac Posen here (please take out double chin).  Cindi Rose silhouettes for top jeweler, Franco Volobra, and models for him for his stores in Torino, Rome, Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, La.  She also purchases major statement pieces of jewelry from him to wear to Fashion Week New York City and Milan.  

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Cindi.silhouettes on Instagram

Cute video of Cindi on Instagram. 

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Silhouette Artist cuts silhouettes for Erica Rose’s California baby shower at Diana Ross’s daughter’s cute children’s book store.

Silhouette Artist cuts silhouettes for Erica Rose’s California baby shower at Diana Ross’s daughter’s cute children’s book store.
Pregnant Bachelor Nation Star Erica Rose Spoiled Guests at Her Baby Shower
Los Angeles, California: August 11, 2016 @ 7:00 PM
By Ingrid Meilan,
Rachel Paula Abrahamson
Pregnant Bachelor Nation star Erica Rose isn’t due until September 24 — but her unborn daughter, Holland, is already very loved. The mom-to-be was celebrated by friends and family with a baby shower at Books & Cookies in Santa Monica on Sunday, August 7.
Guests at the party — including Bachelor alums Renee Simlak,Sarah Herron and Samantha Levey — were treated to mini cupcakes from Sweet E’s Bake Shop, goody bags filled with swag from Belly Bandit and Babyganics, and manicures courtesy of Nail Garden. Another special touch: Rose’s mother, renowned artist Cindi Harwood Rose, gifted each attendee a personalized hand-cut silhouette with a choice of a pink or white picture frame.
“Sometimes baby showers are hours of opening gifts and then silly weird games, and I didn’t want mine to be like that!” Rose, 33, told Us Weekly at the bash that was decorated by Minted. “I just wanted it to be fun and relaxing.”
With the baby set to arrive in just six weeks, Rose admits she’s starting to get a little nervous. “I’m nervous about pushing because I’ve heard gross things about it!” the Lilac-clad reality star told Us. “Like sometimes people poop during labor, and I don’t want to do that!”
Us Weekly broke the news in February that Rose and her fiancé, Galen Gentry, were expecting their first child together. The L.A.-based pair started dating in November 2015 after meeting through work. She is the director of business development for Gentry Law Group, where he is an attorney.
Erica Rose, Cindi Harwood Rose and Sarah Herron (from left) David Miller Studios
“Galen is so excited. He wants to work from home so he can help me out. He actually has a 13-year-old son from a previous relationship, so he knows exactly what to do!” Rose revealed at the shower. “He’s the one who’s like, ‘I don’t think you need a night nurse. That’s crazy!’ I’m really happy that he knows what to do because I don’t even know how to change a diaper at this point.”
As for wedding plans, Rose says they’re learning toward May 2017. “I want to have time to get back into shape and not be pregnant!” she told Us. “We were trying to plan it for this May, and I sent out save-the-dates. Then I went dress shopping and cried because nothing was fitting me! Mainly because my boobs were out of control.”
She added: “It’s also nice to just focus on the baby for now.”

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Silhouette artist history includes silhouette of Hamilton on Broadway, with Cindi Silhouettes standing tall for Alexander Hamilton

Silhouette artist history includes silhouette of Hamilton on Broadway, with Cindi Silhouettes standing tall for Alexander Hamilton


Silhouette artist Cindi Rose often travels to New York to do silhouette artwork at weddings and special events.

While there she sees lovely historic silhouettes, and silhouette logos in many Broadway Plays.

Recently, she had the pleasure of being hired for elegant weddings New York in mid-town and up-town.

She was thrilled with the fabulous silhouettes hand-painted as emblems on walls and T-shirts at award-winning Broadway Play, Hamilton.

World  history is full of lovely silhouette artwork to record fashion and facial features of the times.

English and French royalty were also fond of silhouette artwork in the 1700's and 1800's. 

Today, silhouettes are seen in many logos, the cinema and in Broadway Plays like "Finding Neverland'

And "Hamilton".  Silhouette Artists are unique and to have the silhouettes made by them for

movie posters and Playbills, make the theme stand-out and show a timeless interpretation. 

Need to hire a silhouette artist for a wedding or movie or play logo?

See and SilhouettesbyCindiFacebook

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Silhouette artist Cindi scissor cuts to save babies and children's lives

Silhouette artist Cindi scissor cuts to save babies and children's lives

Living Female Silhouette artist Cindi Rose uses scissors to cut profiles and logos to help other people's lives.  This beautiful female butterfly was cut by scissors artist, Cindi Harwood Rose for a March of Dimes luncheon to save babies lives that are born with birth defects or prematurely.  Cindi has stayed active with children's causes and currently as a living silhouette artist, is active with the Best Dressed Luncheon and Celebrity Chef dinner by donating silhouette artwork and serving on the committees.  She has a passion to help children.  As a former volunteer for the Austin State School with children with different birth defects such as autism, Cindi served as a volunteer and an artist to do art therapy. She chaired many events and served on the board for The River, which has art, dance, and music to help those children and their siblings that are physically and mentally impaired.   Her hospital arts program, through the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation and City Artworks provides art to children in hospitals. City Artworks had Cindi Rose as a conversationalist, chair, and honoree for her work as a living scissor silhouette artist of this and last century.  There are only a few living silhouette artists who do the best works.  Cindi is considered one of the best.  She is also active doing silhouettes at weddings, museums, school fundraisers, and fashion events in the top department stores.  Rose, is also a TV personality, as an artist, food chef, and life-style enthusiast.  "Art can save someone's life", Cindi  says.  For her, she says art is her therapy, passion, calling, and natural gift from G-d.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Silhouettes done from photos by Silhouettes by Cindi

If you have admired silhouettes hanging on walls, and want to make one
yourself, here is a simple tutorial from silhouette artist Cindi Harwood
Take a very good photo of your loved one, right-facing is best.  Make sure
the lips are natural and the top of head, bodice, back-of-head are in the
You can send this to a silhouette artist listed on the website. Don't pick
the most reasonable, pick the one whose work you like best!
Or, you can purchase real silhouette paper from a teacher's supply  on-line
store, and glue the photo to the paper.
Next, carefully cut it out with good, sharp scissors, such as barber
scissors, or embroidery scissors.

The smaller the size, the more valuable, the silhouette is, not the
opposite.  Miniature cut profiles in black is a French/English
art.  You should stay true to the classic heirloom, and keep your artistry
in a vintage look.
At  Disneyland and Disney World where I used to work, the silhouettes are
mounted on 5 x 7 cards, suitable for 5 x 7 frames.
This is traditional.  The large ones are not authentic, as they are traced
from a shadow on the wall, and are normally distorted-- 
just like your shadow is.  School teachers often do that since silhouette
artists are rare, and it is a lost art.
The more "interior" cut-outs the better your silhouette.  The premier
silhouette artists do many lovely cut arts in their works.
Have fun on the internet to find the authentic silhouette artists who do it
"by hand", not a computer, and then, render your own.
Look for key words in your search, such as paper portraits, and theme parks.
The artists who were hired at former theme
parks, normally are the best.  They can do groupings and the inside
cut-outs, and have more experience.  

The prices of silhouettes done by mail by real silhouette artists vary from
$20 to $100 per silhouette.  Some include three
silhouettes, one for each grandparent and one for you.  Others sell the
lovely acid-free mats for $5 to $15, and sell picture
Frames for $18 to $60.  Make sure you are not getting a frame you could buy
at Hobby Lobby for $7 and paying $18, as some
silhouette artists are offering, do your own research!  The best picture
frames are made of solid wood and are in traditional
black with a rim of gold-leaf around the center of the frame.  Have a super
silhouette day, and make lovely holiday, Valentine's,
Mother's Day, Father's Day, or wedding gifts!  Love, Cindi Harwood Rose
silhouette artist at

How to Make Silhouette Art Invitations and Holiday Cards

How to Make Silhouette Art Invitations and Holiday Cards
These invitations by America's  premier silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose's artworks are so cute and creative.  You can also make unique, personal wedding or birthday silhouette invitations, with hand-cut silhouette artworks.
If you do not know of a good silhouette artist, or have not visited Disneyland or Disney World where Cindi Harwood Rose cut silhouettes, you may find her in New York City, Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Antonio, Austin, or
a popular city where she may be booked at your favorite children's store or school fund-raiser.  In fact, Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose loves traveling for schools and museums and donating a percentage
of sales for them to benefit.  You can save the artwork and use it for your holiday card, birthday card, or wedding invitation.
You can contact her at to order a hand-cut silhouette, which is done from real silhouette paper, and natural talent.  You can also try to do one yourself, by taking a profile photo, and
using your computer to blacken the insides.  Real silhouette artists, such as John Miers, Augustine Edouart, Cindi Rose and Kara Walker, create the artwork from their own talents, not from photos.  The art predates the camera.  Cindi
Just looks at a subject and in a minute with many snips, she creates a profile that is amazingly accurate, detailed, and life-like.  She is available to perform her entertaining art at events throughout the
United States and Canada.  For more information contact

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cindi Cuts up in New York!

Watch how to cut the fastest Silhouettes in New York, Paris, London, Houston, LA, Australia or the moon, by Cindi!

Click HERE to view!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to cut Silhouettes by a real silhouette artist! By Cindi Harwood Rose, freehand silhouette arts

How to cut Silhouettes by a real silhouette artist!
By Cindi Harwood Rose, freehand silhouette arts

A real silhouette artist is a fine artist and not a craftsman.  They can draw and paint portraits, front view and sideways.  This art form predates the camera, and began around the time scissors were invented.  Some of the best artists of the day learned to actually draw with scissors.  This is a difficult art to master, as you have to learn to draw with the interior of a sharp scissors.  However, ways of "cheating" were also invented.  Many people can live a full life and never meet an authentic silhouettest (one who merely takes scissors and their own talent, and directly cuts an accurate profile, in minutes).  Good news!  Here are ways to make a silhouette, it won't be as good as the real thing, but it will be a treasure, no matter what.   You can always get "the real thing" when one has the joy of a professional silhouette artist coming to your city, school fundraiser, favorite children's store, wedding, or boutique.
1.       Take a profile photo of someone, with top of head, back of head, no smile, and bodice.  Right view is always the best, unless you are left-handed.
2.       Get black paper, the darker the better, or buy silhouette paper from a school supply store.
3.       Tape the picture to the black paper or authentic silhouette paper.
4.       Cut out the shape from the photo!
5.       Admire, share, use for greeting cards or frame.
6.       If you don't like what you did, look on-line for a real silhouette artist (look for people who don't use a Photoshop or computer art) and order one on-line!
7.       You can also try putting black paper on the wall, and casting a shadow and cutting that out.
8.       You can reduce this to 4 x 5  or 3 x 4 to get the desired authentic size prized by historians.
9.       Look at for heirloom freehand cut silhouettes, or any other former Disneyland or Disneyworld silhouette artist!
10.   Enjoy these shared silhouettes done in New York, Denver, Houston, Brooklyn, Austin, Aspen, Dallas, England, and Los Angeles by

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Silhouette artist Cindi Rose Cuts profiles for MAC New York

Cameo heirloom silhouettes were cut by internationally known silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, at the ultra- fashionable MAC 5th Avenue boutique, in New York City.  This event was to showcase the best make-up with top silhouette artists of heirloom black cameos.  Rose amazed MAC make-up artists, and fashionistas with her on-sight profile artworks by hand, and just with surgical scissors and her precise talent.  Harwood-Rose is booked to be back at the trendy Soho MAC beauty shop, and the theatrical Times' Square location, first week in November.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silhouette Artist Cindi carves heirlooms for MAC NYC.

Noted pop art silhouettest  Cindi Rose will cut her heirloom mix of silhouettes for MAC all over New York City.
Thursday and Friday she will do her hand-cut silhouette profiles at MAC Fifth Avenue, putting your best face forward.
Then, November 6-9 the former New York silhouette artist, Cindi, will draw remarkable freehand profiles with her surgical scissors in minutes
of MAC fashion lovers in Soho and Times Square.

Monday, June 23, 2014

CEO of improves cancer children's lives with arts in medicine program at Texas Children's Hospital

Since 16, artist and Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood (now Rose) has gone to hospitals to paint murals on the walls, and to teach free art lessons to the children.  The group art lessons not only decorate the room, give the family an heirloom gift, they make the children forget their pain and have hope.  Other projects done by the program includes making holiday cards, water coloring, making Easter baskets with paper plates, and origami.  As CEO if the she tried to bring wellness to children and the families suffering with critical illness and cancer, to provide wellness, support, outreach, and hope.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts Silhouettes Cindi Rose

Museum of Fine Arts Silhouettes Cindi Rose
Imagine an international venue, a world- renown art museum, a seated dinner catered by chef Jackson Hicks, prize winning opera singers, the global oil and gas energy convention, and VIP ambassadors, dignitaries, each receiving a hand-cut heirloom Silhouette by master Cindi Harwood Rose. This was the winning formula for a recent gathering. Only 30 exclusive guests were invited to tour the Museum of Fine Arts with docents, enjoy music from Houston Grand Opera, and have a custom profile portrait carved on the spot and signed, by Cindi Harwood Rose, renown silhouette artist. The guests came from Nigeria and prayers were said before dinner, to help the children of Nigeria.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

America's top silhouette artists silhouette sisters "Snip-Off" with Europe's top silhouettest, join Indiegogo campaign!

America's top silhouette artists silhouette sisters "Snip-Off" with Europe's top silhouettest, join Indiegogo campaign!

Premier silhouette King and Queens-- to royal competition in America's fastest growing city-- Houston, Texas-- medical and energy capital of the globe-- to conquer
On important silhouette documentary "Silhouette Secrets" produced for British Film Festivals, touted by BBC.  Please watch and contribute to this historical, informative Documentary.

To see and contribute to the Silhouette Secrets campaign video on Indiegogo, click  HERE

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silhouette Cindi Wonderland Pop Artist Gallery Show

Silhouette Cindi Wonderland Pop Artist Gallery Show
Stubie Jackson
                We are all madly in love with Cindi Harwood Rose's simple but brilliant depictions of Alice In Wonderland with her new twist on the old Victorian theme of silhouette profiles.
She has a series of her favorite hand-cuttings playfully portrayed of popular story characters such as Peter Pan and the Lost Children, Medusa, Spider Man, Hansel and Gretel, and more.  Cartoons actually
began with silhouette cut-outs by Lotte Reininger, who Walt Disney later embellished her original works into a theme park, we all know of as Disneyland in Las Angeles, Disneyworld in Orlando, Disneyland in Tokyo and Europe.  To understand the complexity of this art and how it is relevant to cinema, pop fiction, and art nerds, view Lotte Reininger 's work on YouTube.  Cindi Harwood began
drawing portraits when she was 5, and by 8 she got her first commission for $1.  Today, she carves her work for various companies for logos, business conventions and conferences, techies,
and special events.  "I actually don't mind even cutting silhouettes at weddings of the guests" Cindi said.  She sees it as a gift, and does not have to be in a museum or art gallery, although
her large works have graced many museums and galleries.  Keep your eye out for her upcoming art shows, on contact her through 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vow Wow, silhouette artist at the wedding!

For the real vow WOW, have a real silhouette artist hand-cut profiles of your guests!  It will not only entertain them, it makes a super keepsake.  To really be kind, you can order picture frames for extra gifts for the wedding party, or all the guests. National wedding magazines go for the home-made touches, and with this unique idea you can have scrapbook pages for the guests to sign with their silhouettes on them for you to keep.  That way, you get a gift, they get a gift.  We know the biggest gift at a wedding should be your love for your partner and the family and friends gathered to share in your special day of love, honor, and forever after! Check out for more ideas.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding decoration ideas!

OMG, is this the most incredible way of displaying a gifted silhouette artist's works-- a rock wall of silhouettes by artist Cindi Rose!
I always love to see them cozy on chair backs, but with fresh flowers and pearls and newlyweds kissing after the "Forever Vows".  This reminds me of the ABC show, The Bachelor", and yes,
silhouette artist Cindi Rose is the mother of ABC's famous Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star, Erica Rose!  White roses, pearls, silhouettes-- great wedding décor silhouettes and the artist Cindi at the wedding
profiling the guests!  I do!  I will forever adore this wedding theme.  For more information check out and her wedding video supreme on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wedding I do--silhouette artist style!

  Glamour, antique, memories, and old-fashioned glamour adds to these exquisite wedding shoot of silhouette artist
Cindi Rose's delicate original hand-cut works.  Heirloom treasures were selected with real linens while the love couple sailed with Cindi's
Silhouettes and thank-you notes for their going away wishes.  Even the flower girl was kept entertained with a silhouette
Artist at a wedding! A Waterford champagne bucket kept the hollow cuts for a bridal art project to do after the wedding
Vows, honeymoon, and new married life!

Silhouette Shades: Freehand Cut vs. Machine

Many people rejoice in the cutting of the charming European and American silhouettists and profilists who once called their work Shades.  Some cut by mechanical means such as William Bache who began in Worcestershire, England and then came to Philadelphia in 1782.  In many aspects the machine, was a form of "cheating" for the non-portrait artist, since even in the 1700's, it was rare to find a real silhouette artist, who merely gazed upon a subject and hand-cut the profile-- without having to use a light, machine, or shadow.  In these detailed photos, veteran silhouette artist, Cindi Rose cuts with antiques around her for a wedding shoot. Today, as yesterday, this difficult art to master, is often copycatted by artificial means-- the Photoshop, a wall tracing, a camera cut-put. These methods reduce the subject to a minimal, blocking their light, making them less than who they are.  The accurate master of the lost art, will make unique detail cut-outs, often even, draw more details on the special silhouette paper and sign and not stamp their works. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Children's silhouettes by Cindi makes cute decorations for national child and foster care conference.  Cindi was on-hand to cut silhouettes of case workers, foster parents and children, as well as add hand-cut silhouettes on each dessert and centerpiece.

Great wedding entertainment idea-- Silhouette artist!

Children's silhouettes are popular at all occasions.  Here, Cindi Rose cuts a profile of a flower girl at a wedding.

 Father/son silhouette by artist Cindi Rose, makes great wedding favors!

Hand cut silhouettes by an expert silhouette artist makes great entertainment at a wedding, and a party favor.  One can be given to each guest, and one can be put into a guest book for the bride and groom to cherish forever!