Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful silhouettes at Children’s Discovery Museum

Thankful silhouettes at Children’s Discovery Museum

Be thankful for family, friends and, health this holiday season. Delight in discovery, art, museums, love, history, science and education. In these photos, Silhouettes by Cindi does silhouettes for the Children’s Discovery Museum in Victoria, Texas.

Learning is the magic wand to empowerment Gratitude is the gift of an abundant heart. Happy Thanks for giving, and receiving joy and blessings.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cindi Silhouettes School Fundraisers!

Throw out the cookies, popcorn and wrapping paper, bring in Cindi Silhouette school fund-raisers!

Billions were spent this year on candy, cavities, and wasted wrapping paper pollution, in the name of great school fundraisers. Cindi Harwood Rose discovered that schools, churches, and non-profits can profit from a real silhouette artist, donating a percent to their venue. For River Oaks Baptist School, Cindi Rose, did 87 children’s silhouettes and taught them great facts about art while entertaining them on the famous history of paper profiling. Rose, does the antique lost art of looking and cutting miniature silhouettes, the type that is treasured for centuries, and is collectable. The silhouettes will be made into a quilt and sold at the school’s auction. The separate silhouettes will be sold to the parents, too for additional school profit. Some schools, such as Austin’s Grace Garden Child Development Center is procuring Rose and will sell picture frames, for the silhouettes, to add additional church revenues. These non-profits can make a few hundred to a few thousand with the promotion. They have hired Rose at a flat fee, one that is one-third of Cindi’s normal appearance fees. At Houston’s best art and craft boutique, Hanson Galleries, Memorial and Post Oak, Cindi Harwood donated all her profits to the Craft Relief Emergency Fund to aid those who lose art and craft supplies from emergencies, such as the recent Texas fires. Cindi also can recommend other real silhouette artists in other cities, there are around 5 other expert silhouette artists in North and South America, and three in Europe. This lost art, can’t be taught, as no light, camera, photo, tracing, is used. That is why it is a keepsake, and the paper is acid-free, perfect for the environment.

The best part is that people can get treasured gifts at a reasonable price that they actually cherish and want. The children are entertained, and learn about being empowered by being their authentic self through their own talents. For more information go to or e-mail