Friday, August 31, 2012

George W. Bush’s silhouette created by Cindi Rose gets President’s A+ Approval

George W. Bush’s silhouette created by Cindi Rose gets President’s A+ Approval

Former United States President, George W. Bush, wrote the most beautiful thank-you to noted silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose. At a prestigious event for The W Source In Houston where President Bush was the honored speaker, his famous silhouette was hand-created full-length and bust style by historic profilist, C. H. Rose. The details and personality of the President was captured by the skilled artist. Cindi is considered the finest

silhouette artist of this and last century. C. Rose has done her artwork over 35 years, and has silhouetted many US and foreign Presidents and royalty. Her work is sought after for Hollywood-style events and weddings, but Rose likes capturing the candid and real genre of the individual she is hand-carving from sight. George W. was spellbound by the work. In minutes, with surgical scissors and thin black paper, she cut his likeness! Rose had done his mother, Barbara Bush’s silhouette several times, and many of his nephews and nieces, but this was the first time she had done his. The country’s leader stated that Cindi Rose did a “fine looking silhouette.” He further commented, in his truthful manner that “the care and craftsmanship that went into every detail are apparent.” The President of the greatest country iterated that C. Harwood Rose’s work showed thoughtfulness, and that he and Laura, sent blessing and best wishes to the artist.

The fine art of hand-cutting silhouettes was a way of record keeping by kings and queens, and American Presidents for several centuries. In the 1700’s and early 1800’s it was the only way that clothing and style were recorded, pre-camera. What separates Cindi Rose’s work from other amusement park-style real silhouette artists is that no two of her works look alike, and she captures the features and persona of a subject, making her work

an empowerment of who the person is feature and soul. More information on historic silhouettes can be read on the universe’s top authority on the history of silhouette art and artists, the renown, Peggy McClard. Peggy

has valuable silhouettes worth thousands for purchase and important books on the subject of Shade artists, later called silhouette artists. Some of the silhouette artists these days, are computer generating the work, and do not get the interior cuts that the master artists can get. The Guild of American Paper cutters list only a few handfuls of silhouette artists living in this century, and they call C. H. Rose, America’s premier silhouette artist.

Looking at her website, you can see the Silhouette of Barbara Bush and on some of the articles, Queen Elizabeth, President Obama, Mickey Rooney, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., Ashley Judd, and Golda Mier. Her videos on YouTube show that she has taken her skill into the field of masterful art, with gallery presentations and historic lectures. By interview, Rose explained that she used vintage, French, silhouette paper, that is no longer available, 50 years old, that she purchased the vintage paper in bulk from an English vendor in 1971. The paper alone has a ranking worth hundreds of dollars. Rose uses this paper for donations to the uninsured and underinsured with cancer through The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, and her project, “Silhouettes for Survivors.” Once made a hero, by American Profile Magazine, Cindi Rose, can be reached for a personal high-quality silhouette, with her signature, framed in solid wood and real gold leaf. In interview Ms. C. Rose stated, “I do not use a shadow to do a silhouette, that is what a non-silhouette artist does, and the shadow is a reduction of who you are, it is the blockage of light. Thus, a silhouette made by viewing someone, and studying the total of their nature, adds a fourth dimension of their actuality, making a monument to who they are.” I think Cindi Rose is referring to the many trite silhouettes found on the internet that are made by computers or wall-tracings, or the copy-cat silhouettes that you often see that do not reflect contemporary fashion.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paperosity expert silhouette artists

Paperosity expert silhouette artists

There is a paper renaissance in the art field, according to Rob Ryan, Cindi H. Rose, Nikki McClure, Laura Heyenga, and Matthew Sporzynski, where the imagination turns the sublime into fine art! Whether it be huge museum pieces such as Kara Walker executes, or the thin white A4 papers of Peter Callesen—bold statements are made. In this unique silhouette, artist Cindi Harwood Rose explains that paper and acrylic were used. Kako Ueda, explores paper material as a product of tree pulp and culture by the invention of paper and its production, whose line shifts and blurs, making simple man completed by nature’s almost holiday ornamentation. Helen Musselwhite takes her color schemes from nature, and Cindi Rose takes her art conversations from physiognomy and soul. “To delve into a person’s unabridged life path,” C. H. Rose explains, “the true silhouette artist can interpret and empower. Laura Heyenga compiled an in-depth book of the universe’s most sought after scalpel, scissors, and exactor knife fine artists in her book, Paper Cutting. For more books on the art, look at Kathryn K. Flocken’s Silhouettes Rediscovering the Lost Art, available on

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trista Sutter's silhouette by Dr. Franklin and Cindi Rose by E.D. Woods

Trista Sutter’s sculpting by Dr. Franklin and Cindi Rose

Lucky for the Bachelorette’s and Bachelor’s that Erica Rose’s father is famous plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose, and her mom is noted silhouette artist, Cindi Rose. It makes the contestants and winners look and stay beautiful. Recently, the first reality Bachelorette, Trista Sutter, met up with Bachelor legal star, Erica Rose, and discussed her wanting an updated look. Although Erica thought Trista looked beautiful, she referred her to her father (who would never operate on his family). Trista had been admiring Emily Maynard’s plastic surgery, and did not want to be Bachelorette history. For her first meeting, in Franklin Rose’s hometown, Aspen, Colorado, Trista drove in from Vail. The petite beauty was met by Franklin and Cindi Rose.

As always, Cindi took out her surgical scissors and in a minute sculpted the world’s darling’s profile. Trista loved it, and signed it with her good-valued signature. Trista commented that her children would love Cindi Rose’s artwork. Her real concerns however was, a drop of fat, droopy eyes, and breasts that were not what they were pre-children.

Franklin Rose, a board-certified MD, who studied at Yale, Manhattan Eye and Ear, and Baylor College of Medicine, booked the soon to be 40 year-old at his doctor owned surgical center, First Street in Houston, Texas.

Trista got small breast implants, and the tired look erased from her lovely blue eyes with upper and lower eye lifts. In her pre and post-op photos it appears that she may have had liposuction. Word is that there is a room in The Rose Home devoted to patient care, and that after a luxurious stay at First Street Hospital (with culinary meals and wait staff), patients recover with Cindi Rose’s low-fat, organic nutritious meals and care. No wonder, the most beautiful men and women in the country get on Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, they have a connection—Erica Rose’s father. Unlike what people would think, Erica’s perfect size 4, 5’ 8” figure is natural. Her mother and grandmother where former beauty contest winners, and it is a natural for Erica. Read Life & Style Weekly to see Trista’s before and after plastic surgery photos and decide yourself, if she did or did not also have liposuction. I think somewhere there is also word that there could be a book coming out about parenting, and being in love, penned by no-other than America’s darling, Trista Sutter!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Silhouettes in New Orleans

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose, is happy her son will get his Masters in law from Tulane University, former home of Valobra Jewelry. “The city is still beautiful, and I plan on trying to help it, with silhouette art bookings in New Orleans, and donating proceeds to keep cleaning up the city,” Rose states to Pippin Lane, an extraordinary children’s boutique, frequented by Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Silhouette Artist Ties the Knot!

Silhouette Artist Ties the Knot!

Your wedding day is special, a talented silhouette artist, such as Cindi Harwood Rose or Kathryn Flocken can add elegance, and a lasting keepsake for you and the wedding guests.

Just view the rave 5 star review from a recent wedding that superb silhouette artist Cindi created with this personal, creative touch. At this Chicago wedding, Cindi Rose, placed a silhouette of each guest in a picture frame, and also placed one in a guest book. Silhouette cookie cutters of the bride and groom can be ordered for an added touch, as can fabric for the bride and groom’s table. Read this fabulous silhouette artist wedding idea, and the praises for the added entertaining fine art gift. For even more fun, hire two silhouette artists, and be sure that all your guests get a great heirloom gift.

Client Feedback

Cindi was the hit of our wedding! She was incredibly friendly and professional and her talent is amazing! She stayed longer than we had originally planned and made a great effort to do as many silhouettes as she could. If you want something completely unique at your events to wow the guests this is it!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cindi Rose Fashions Silhouettes at Baby Bugaloo

Cindi Rose Fashions Silhouettes at Baby Bugaloo

Famous Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose will be at Baby Bugaloo for fashion week, Monday

Aug. 13, from 11 to 3, to hand-cut original silhouettes of customer’s profiles. She does

the lost, French art of looking and cutting freehand. Silhouettes $35 a person,

Copies $10 a person. Wiggly children and adults accepted. Appointments

Requested by phoning 512 301-3800. Takes a minute, lasts forever!