Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to get Quality Silhouettes at your Wedding

Silhouette above by Cindi Harwood Rose
Wedding Silhouette by Kathryn Flocken.

There are 5 ways to get find a quality silhouette artist at your wedding

1. Check out search engines for Silhouette artist. Is the silhouettests’s work simple—all black, or has skilled intricate snip-outs, the best silhouette work has paper cut-out clothing and hair details.

2 Look at the silhouette artist videos on You Tube. The happy profile cutting artist, smiles with grace, as she/he works. You can see the joy of their gift, as they bestow it to others.

3 Determine if the artist makes everyone look the same, a great silhouette artist, sees the differences in everyone, and does flattering work.

4 See if the bust-line is too large, or varies. Talented silhouette artists, change the bust-line to fit the person, and give it style. Fashion should be considered in the shade hand- cut profiles.

5 Check references. Call stores and venues where the silhouette artist worked, or see the comments posted on the popular sites such as Gigmasters , Partypops, or Kathryn and Cindi Silhouettes.

Cindi on ABC 13!

Click here to hear Cindi on ABC 13!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Please click here to see Cindi's newest video.

A note from the American Profile Magazine videographer, Rich Jengen, about Silhouettes
for Survivors.

Hi Cindi:

Thanks so much for taking a look at the video on YouTube. I just finished
that sequence for American Profile Magazine. I posted the video on YouTube
temporarily in order to get feedback from a few of my colleagues. This is
not the final version. After the video is completed it will be posted on
American Profile's website.

I was just blown away by your incredible talent - and your willingness to
share it with other people. The work that you do on behalf of cancer
patients is truly inspirational.

Glad to hear that you liked the music on the video too. I thought the music
went great with your presentation. It seemed to capture your spirit somehow

All the best to you -

Rich Jegen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cindi’s Celeb Silhouettes!

Cindi’s Celeb silhouettes!

Celebrating fabulous Julie Brown’s birthday with incredible, gorgeous friends who have even more beautiful hearts, makes life memories monuments.

Lucky me, to scissors- portrait Julie’s birthday silhouette, and participate in her summer bangle birthday gift basket, a precious keepsake idea from

Volunteer extradinaire, Vanessa Sendukas!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Father's Day Silhouette Schedule

Are you looking for a fabulous Father's Day gift ?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a precious keepsake for you and your children or grandchildren?

If you’ve got 5 minutes of time, then we’ve

got the gift for you!

Learning Express Toys is excited to bring Houston’s accomplished silhouette artist, and UT graduate, Cindi Harwood Rose, to our both Bee Cave and Sunset Valley locations! Dates, times, and pricing information are provided below. Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. Call today!

Silhouettes by Cindi

Cindi Harwood Rose is the world's fastest silhouette artist! She has traveled the world, cutting silhouettes for Elvis Presley, President Obama, Barbara Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Phil, Tony Bennett, Elvis Costello, Liberace, Patricia Arquette, and other celebrities. Cindi has cut her famous profiles at Disneyland, Disneyworld, Astroworld, Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, and Joske's, among other places. Her likeness and interior details are the finest seen by a present day silhouette artist, according to Peggy McClard, silhouette art historian and museum gallery owner. A master silhouette artist, Cindi is a third generation artist and paper cutter, and is the only living artist using the authentic, archival French, historic silhouette paper, no longer available, and of immense collectable value. Samples of her work and videos can be viewed at

Learning Express – Sunset Valley Homestead,

5207 Brodie Lane (near Kohl's)

Friday, June 17th

Appointments available from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Call 512-892-2020 to book your appointment!

Learning Express – Hill Country Galleria, Bee Cave

Saturday, June 18th

Appointments available from 11:00a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Call 512-402-0808 to book your appointment!


$30 per subject

$10 for an additional copy

Mats available – $5

Frames available – $15-$40

Learning Express Toys

12901 Hill Country Blvd. #D1-103

Bee Cave, TX 78738


5207 Brodie Lane #220

Sunset Valley, TX 78745


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Letter from a Happy Client!

Eileen a happy client from 1979 had her three children silhouetted by prolific paper fine artist, Cindi Harwood. Eileen now is having her grandchildren done for Father’s Day, saying that Cindi Harwood (now Rose) silhouettes are her greatest art treasures. Cindi will do internet silhouettes only for donations to cancer survivors as part of the non-profit Rose Ribbon Foundation. It is part of her “Silhouettes for Survivors” which provides wigs, permanent eyebrows, reconstruction, and counseling to cancer survivors. For more information contact 713 622-3610 or Eileen comments to Cindi about the tradition of silhouettes, “you captured my children completely.” She said that the likeness Cindi captured with surgical scissors and thin black paper was remarkable.

The letter from Eileen:

I have 2 grandchildren here. I will call my son first thing in the morning to see when I can keep them for a few hours , and get right back to you asap to schedule. I want to have them for Father’s Day surprises for my son and for my husband.

I can’t tell you how much this will mean to us – but I can show you ! I will bring the one that you did of my three sons , in 1979 , when they were 4 , 5 and 6 years old . It is one of my greatest treasures …… you captured them completely.

Thank you so very , very much . !


Friday, June 3, 2011

Silhouette Sisters

Silhouette sisters Kathryn Flocken and Cindi Rose have four generations of papercutting art between them. When silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, introduced herself to Kathryn Flocken, it was to buy her book, Silhouettes Rediscovering The Lost Art, and to purchase some of her picture frames, and paper. They began an internet correspondence. Both shade artists are fine art graduates, portrait artists, and have done silhouettes at Walt Disney World. More than that, they discovered that the treasured art of paper cutting was in both of their backgrounds, spanning cultures such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland, England, France, China, and Russia. Paper profile masters, Kathryn Flocken and Cindi Harwood Rose met when Kathryn came to Houston from Florida to cut silhouettes in toy stores. Immediately, they became silhouette sisters in their hearts. The wonderful treasure of true authentic silhouette artists is that they are content with paper, scissors, and subject matter. A hand-cut silhouette from an accomplished silhouettest is a gift that lasts generations to come.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ten Ways to Determine a Great Silhouette Artist

Scissors fine art master, Cindi Rose discovered ten ways to determine great silhouette artists. First, the individual should be able to hand-cut a perfect likeness without the use of a shadow, light, or physiotrace machine. Second, they should use authentic silhouette paper, which is black on one side, and white on the other, it should be thin as wrapping paper. Third, wonderful silhouettes have interior details such as pearls, buttons, neck-ties, ribbons, earrings, and exact hair styles. Fourth, the world’s most talented silhouette artists can do groupings, where they cut one face into another—often as many as thirteen people together. Fifth, the cut-arts master work should be accurate in age. They should realize that this “lost art” was popular before the camera, and silhouette artists paved the way for photography. The silhouette artist had to capture the style of the era.

Sixth the proportions should be human and correct. Seventh, the silhouette art must have style. The silhouettes that last generations to come, have unique bust lines, and make a statement. Eighth, the work should not be too large. A true silhouette artist will try to keep the work miniature, within two and one half inches to six inches, never life-size—it should never look like it was Photoshopped or traced from a wall, which is not even a “poor cousin” to an authentic silhouette. Ninth, every silhouette should look different, like a finger-print. Good silhouette artists can see differences in triplets, and will capture them on paper. Tenth, speed is important. If a silhouette artist takes more than six minutes making a silhouette from scratch, that means that the artist does not have a gifted eye. Think of the athlete, the fast athlete is the great athlete. The fastest silhouette artists are the best silhouette artists.

Note, it does not matter if the silhouette artist came from generations of silhouette artists. What matters is that they were first a gifted portrait artist. The greatest silhouette artists drew portraits since they were a child, have natural talent, and are self-taught. Silhouette-cutting exact and flattering profiles is much harder than drawing portraits. That is why you can find thousands of portrait artists of different ability at all times, but only around 18 to 50 authentic living silhouette artists per generation. The Guild of American Papercutters mentions the best silhouette artists since the 1700’s to the current era. For a contemporary book about silhouettes, buy Kathryn Flocken’s remarkable guide to discover the lost art of silhouettes, where she discusses paper profile cutting in the treasured, old-fashioned way.