Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cindi Rose on Houston Media TV 8

From a young age, Cindi Rose knew she was destined for the art world.
From drawing on the wall as a toddler, to painting pieces for her neighbors, the Houston native welcomed any opportunity to practice her passion for artistic expression.
After being hired as an artist by Astroworld at 16 years old, she was inspired by a silhouette artist there and ended up discovering she had the talent and precision needed to excel in that art form.
Since then, Rose’s motto has become, “Have scissors, will travel,” as her talent has taken her from Astroworld to around the world, cutting silhouettes for such notables as Tony Bennett, Barbara Bush, President Obama, and even Queen Elizabeth. Rose also takes pride in the fact she can use her talent to help support her philanthropic work. After a lifetime of shearing thousands of profiles, Rose continues to find joy in having a positive impact on each person for whom she creates a silhouette.
This video segment will air as part of the program Arts InSight on Friday, March 24th, 8:30pm, on Houston Public Media TV 8.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Endangered Art, Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose saves art and animals!

Endangered art, silhouette artist Cindi Rose saves art and animals!  

 Houston silhouette artist, Cindi Rose is an ambassador for the  Houston museum district and zoo.  
She loves doing volunteer work and silhouettes for survivors.  The proceeds from The Houston zoo help endangered animals.  The art of  directly paper cutting profiles without a preliminary sketch is a lost art.
Cindi has mastered this art since she was a teenager.  
Former Disney artists currently travel the USA and Canada. cutting silhouettes live at weddings, corporate events, stores, and special occasions. 

See Cindi cut Silhouettes here on TV!