Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say “I Love You” with Silhouette Art by Cindi H. Rose

Say “I Love You” with Silhouette Art by Cindi  H. Rose
                The world’s famous silhouette artist---Cindi Harwood Rose—will be at For Heaven’s Sake Beaumont, Tuesday, Feb. 12, from noon to 5:30 doing the lost art of hand-cutting paper profile portraits called silhouettes by the French.  Cindi (formerly Harwood) Rose began doing this art, after discovering at 8 years old that her portraits of animals and people were in high demand.  At nearly 16, she answered an ad in a local newspaper that a Disney owned art concession was looking for a cashier.  Taking her portraits to the interview, she immediately was hired to be a portrait artist, at the then, Astroworld.  While taking a park tour, she saw a “real silhouette artist” who did not use a light, projector, or pencil, who merely looked at a person, and in a few minutes, cut out their likeness from 4 x 5 thin, black paper.  “I can do that” she said out loud.  The art manager laughed at her, handed her the scissors and paper, and said for her to try her luck at it.  The then, teen, cut out his profile, and to the manager’s surprise, it was better than the silhouette artist they had working for them.  They immediately fired the other artist on the spot, and told Cindi, she was to be the new silhouette artist. 
                Cindi’s work was so exceptional that they flew her to renown Disneyland Anaheim Park to work some in the summers, throughout high school and college.   After graduating The University of Texas with honors in art and communications, Cindi worked at Disneyworld, as the silhouette artist.  She has silhouetted presidents of many countries, ambassadors, prime ministers, movie and rock stars, and has made the world record in speed, and accuracy.  Currently, Ripley’s Believe it or Not is talking to her about doing an art show for them.  In addition, the top historian on silhouette collecting, Peggy McClard, only recognizes Cindi Harwood Rose’s profile silhouettes as collectable.  Her ones done over 40 years ago, often go for many hundreds of dollars. There are only a few extraordinary silhouette artists in the world, and in the United States Cindi Harwood Rose and Kathryn Flocken are considered the top.  Kara Walker is also known for her museum silhouettes, as fine art.
                At “For Heaven’s Sake” they will be only $35 each person, with extra copies available for each person at $10. Lovely frames and mats will be on hand from $4 to $50.  Thus, you can get one for yourself, a loved one, and grandparents. Engaged couples can do one together, and people can have one done to use as a logo!  Paper is considered a great Valentine’s Gift, but a Cindi Rose silhouette shows much thought into your gift, that will be an heirloom, and family keepsake, to last generations to come.  C. Rose can also do from photos of pets from profiles e-mailed to the store ahead of time, or computer printed and brought in. Cindi does people in person, as the camera does “lie” and Cindi sees more than a camera does.  The art was popular before photography, and the greatest silhouette artist capture personality and profile, as C. H. Rose does. To assure a spot with the talented silhouettest Cindi, call FHS located at 4190 Calder at 1-409-898-3340 or e-mail them at  Children do not have to sit still, and hair and clothing can be “fixed” in the silhouette.  Cindi will also graciously leave off a double chin when asked in her artwork.   Check out to see her work, videos, and many articles about her. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

American professional silhouette artists proudly trade, and each holds one of the other’s works.

American professional  silhouette artists proudly trade, and each holds one of the other’s  works.
  In this photo see Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose in sunglasses holding up two silhouettes that Ruth Monsell and Kathryn did of her, in her hands.  The statuesque middle artist, Kathryn Flocken is holding the contemporary detailed, silhouette Cindi Rose hand-cut of her, and in her background, is a silhouette carved by Ruth Monsell, where you can see some flowing hair details.   Finally, paper profilist, Ruth, is holding her silhouette made by silhouettest, Cindi Harwood Rose, with the details of hair, earrings, ruffles.  You can see from this all silhouette artists are not the same.  Ruth’s work of Cindi (held by Cindi in blue) has detail to it, a handsome rendering of Rose’s profile.  Kathryn’s work, in Cindi’s arm, is accurate, bold and larger, suggesting, strength. While Cindi’s work held by the women, is insightful, yet delicate.  All three talented fine artists, worked an event in Boca, Florida, through Kathryn, and a Canadian public relations company.  Kathryn who is very skilled with details, left them off, to work quickly around the room at the largely packed business event at the luxurious Boca Hotel and Spa Resort and Golf Club.  At events, it is nice to have two or more silhouette artists, to be sure to have all the guest’s done. Silhouette artists interpret profile and personality, and all are skilled in many art mediums, with art degrees.   They do not pre-sketch the work, it is cut directly from thin, black paper, then mounted on card stock.  It can take the artist anywhere from 1 to 8 minutes to do this, depending on which artist you acquire. These silhouettes are ranked in the top 10 silhouette artists in the world. The fine art of silhouette cutting, can’t be taught, and it is rare to find three great silhouette artists in one room!