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How did Kathryn and Cindi acquire their Silhouette Artistry?

Silhouettes in collage with wedding invites by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken.

Silhouette couple by Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose.

The meeting of silhouette masters, Kathryn Flocken and Cindi Harwood Rose began on the internet. Rose, after putting her precious antique silhouette art paper away to raise two children, searched the net for today’s practicing silhouette artists, to find what she thought was the most professional and accurate living silhouette artist, that proved to be Kathryn. She immediately purchased Kathryn’s bestselling silhouette art book, Silhouettes, rediscovering the Lost Art, and new silhouette paper (as Cindi’s silhouette paper is antique and saved for the most expensive silhouette cuttings, investment value. Kathryn, sent her book, supplies, paper, and friendship. They made plans to work together. Both had worked for Disney World, both were fine art majors, self-taught, both friendly people and pet lovers, in happy marriages. Flocken and Cindi felt like sisters. Both came from literary backgrounds, and had giving souls. They both see the light in their work, not the dark shadow, that is flat and says nothing. Kathryn and Cindi work events together anywhere in the world. It can make your event, unforgettable, with a precious beautiful lasting keepsake, an heirloom silhouette, passed down from generations to come.

Posted here are samples of bride and groom silhouettes made simply for invitations, decorations, napkins, cake toppers, and entertainment at the wedding.

To hire Cindi and Kathryn for your wedding, please go to and send an inquiry including the date, time, location and number of Guests at your Wedding reception.

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Silhouette Artists, Silhouette Artistry, Silhouettes, Q and A+

Quick-blog about Silhouette Artists, Silhouette Artistry, Silhouettes, Q and A+

1. What is a silhouette artist? The broad word silhouette can apply to window shades, fashion, prehistoric cave drawings, Chinese embroidery patterns, iconic symbols on Grecian and Egyptian urns or crafty photo shopped or traced shadows. A real silhouette artist, the term created by the America’s premier silhouette artist, Augustine Edouart, applies to fine artists who can capture a profile, from hand-cutting portraits from black paper, freehand, using only their vision and natural talent, scissors and soot-blackened paper. Edouart renamed the English term “shades” after, Etienne de Silhouette, a French minister of Finance who loved the thrifty price of silhouettes compared to expensive oil paintings, there were no cameras at that time.

2. Where do you find a Silhouette artist? You find them on the streets of Paris, or in amusement parks, or in nice stores. However, all silhouette artists are not created equal.

The silhouettes created by these authentic silhouette artists, can be only as good as the artist is. In other words, some artists do not see the differences in everyone’s face,

and may not know style. I would shy away from street artists, and research the internet, for the gifted silhouette artists. Make sure the artist you select, does not make

everyone look old-fashioned or “out-of-style”. Look at the video by Cindi Rose and Cody Bess on You-Tube. The best silhouette artists, also know fashion.

3. How do you learn to cut silhouettes? Usually, the best way to acquire this talent is genetics—it is passed down from three to four generations of silhouette artists. It is a natural talent. I tried to teach it to other fabulous artists while I was a student in fine arts at University of Texas. The husband/wife team I taught after hours of training, cannot capture a good likeness, and thus, I have not spent weeks again trying to teach this art, even to top art students. There are books on the internet on this subject, but the books can’t guarantee that you can master this complicated, lost art. The best book is by Kathryn Flocken, Silhouettes Rediscovering the Lost Art.

4. How long does it take to do Silhouettes by a real silhouette artist? As the world’s fastest silhouette artist (see SilhouettesbyCindi blog story printed in San Antonio Express Newspapers, submitted to Guinness Book of World-Records) I can do over 100 silhouettes per hour—with an exact likeness, and eyelashes, style. However, at most weddings, corporate events and stores, I do 30 to 60 silhouettes per hour, depending on if someone else is mounting them, and how much detail I will put in to it. The fastest silhouette artists are the premier silhouette artists, they have the innate gift of seeing contour, detail, form and structure.

I have seen the slower, less gifted silhouette artists, take up to 15 minutes to cut a silhouette. The finished product is not smooth. The most capable silhouette artists of Victorian and classic paper profile cutting take 5 minutes or less per person.

5. Can I get a silhouette by e-mail? Yes. Cindi Harwood Rose only does e-mail orders of original signed silhouettes from or They are more expensive, but are of archival, antique, French silhouette paper, worth more than their cost ($100 as a tax-donation to cancer-survivors). They come on archival paper, with hand-cut black oval mats, and postage is included. You can also order silhouettes on cuff-links or pendants.

6. What should I wear for the silhouette, and should I fix my or my child’s hair? Don’t dress for the silhouette, or worry about the hair. The most gifted silhouette artists

have an imagination, and are fine artists and can make you, your loved one, or child’s hair and clothing look “fixed” in the picture.

7. My child will not “sit-still” how can I get a silhouette? No worry, the preeminent leading silhouette artists are skilled with “wiggly children”. They move to the child.

You may have never seen a real silhouette artist, they are not the school teachers who trace a crude shadow off a wall, or use the trick of a camera. They are talented fine artists who have natural talent to see profile.

8. Can you do pets? Yes, of course! I love to do furry and feathered friends. This is done from profile photos sent to It is a charity donation to a pet cause or cancer cause. SilhouettesbyCindi only takes internet orders for non-profit donations. They cost more than other silhouette artists charge, but you get signed, mounted art, that is collectable according to Peggy McClard, the world’s foremost authority on purchasing and collecting antique investment silhouettes. Rose is the only living silhouette artist that still has 50 year-old French antique paper (purchased in volume 38 years ago).

9. Will you do silhouettes at my wedding? Yes, of course, if the arrangements work with both our schedules. I love to help with the total theme, the invitations, napkins,

and centerpieces. If I am unavailable, I can recommend an alternate accomplished silhouettist, from American, Europe, Australia, or Canada. There are only about 18 skilled silhouette artists in the world who capture an accurate likeness, with interior details, and speed. Just e-mail for details.

10. What else does a skilled silhouette artist do? I love being a curator or speaker on the effects silhouettes have had to pre-date the camera. It is interesting to give lectures to museums and art galleries about the shadow, and how I work with the person, so the Jung definition of the shadow being your dark past, is replaced with the light of my work. In addition, I can do large scale silhouettes for plays, set-design, art and advertising design. Look at my video on YouTube with Cody Bess, and see the Papercapes we incorporated with fashion models, from fine art museums, an art gallery, bistro, and Farmer’s Market, all done with surgical scissors and imagination.

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Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose does Pet Pendants for Pet charities

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose does Pet Pendants for Pet charities

Pet Silhouette of Dear Dog Betty

Wednesday I met my friend, Bruce for lunch, and to bring him pet silhouettes
of his 4 dogs for a birthday gift. I completed them at 4 a.m. in the
morning. I was not happy with the dog silhouette of Betty, as Betty looked
cartoonish, happy, and not real. I left it as was, and in the late morning
(with 5 hours sleep) I pondered changing it, but did not. I brought it to
lunch. He got tears in his eyes. Betty had died that morning, little did I
Betty wanted Bruce to know that she was happy in doggie heaven, and related
that to me, as I cut her silhouette. I try to do psychic silhouettes, and
go into the soul. I did not know I had the ability with pets, too.

A note from Bruce:
A great BIG thank you for lunch today, and for the awesome gifts. :-)

You all are so thoughtful and I am so glad that we are friends.
I have to apologize for running out on you, I had a conference call that I was giving so I had to be on time!

Also, if I seemed a little out of it, I apologize for that too.
One of our dogs passed away early this morning, and I have been a little dazed today. :-(
It was one of the ones that you, Cindi, made a silhouette for, Betty the husky.
I almost busted out crying when I saw it, you don't know how much that that one means to me, especially now.

So thank you so much for your friendship, it means a lot to me.

Hugs to you all,

Review of "Silhouette Art" Reclaiming Lost Innocence; The Power of A Cindi Rose Silhouette

Review of "Silhouette Art"

Reclaiming Lost Innocence; The Power of A Cindi Rose Silhouette

by George Molho, Author of "Scarred, a Memoir"

Silhouette artist Cindi Rose would like you to view the knol: Review
of "Silhouette Art". Click the following link where you can read the knol.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am honored by Jaguar to be an Iconic silhouette customer!

Iconic Silhouettes by Cindi as selected by Momentum Jaguar. Cindi Harwood Rose models her silhouette and describe the luxury of the Jag’s silhouette, and comfort.

Thanks for the service, Jaguar. Silhouettes by Cindi says,” My Jaguar XK Coupe is so luxurious. With its great navigation system and hatchback trunk, I am able to load it up with my silhouette supplies and travel in comfort.”

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Silhouette miniature original portraits hand-cut in minutes for gifts

Silhouette profile miniatures past and present, have been cherished in the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st century. The art of scissors cutting profiles freehand, has been prized by royalty, celebrities, and families. At one point, the Pennsylvania Dutch, would secure their family miniature silhouettes in their Bibles. The French established the art’s popularity, but it was silhouettest, Augustin Edouart, who named the art “silhouette” after Etienne de Silhouette. He was the most prolific American Silhouette artist, the first “silhouette man”. Today, there are four people calling themselves that. John Miers also used that title for himself. A few women call themselves “The silhouette lady.” My favorite of these women, is Kathryn Flocken.

Have you ever watched a genuine paper profile artist hand-cut a likeness of a person or pet, without a sketch, light, or shadow, in minutes. It appears like magic—they look and cut, from sight. This is an especially great gift during the holidays, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, for a loved one or a best friend. SilhouettesbyCindi offers original, one-of-a-kind silhouettes for purchase, signed. The silhouette ladies, Kathryn and Cindi, also do silhouettes at weddings, events, business conventions, and celebrity gifting suites. They are also a top fundraising idea for schools and non-profits. Kathryn, can do silhouettes a whole school for a fundraiser. Just take terrific profile pictures, and go to and pay on line securely through PayPal, and she will send back the lovely silhouettes, done, mounted, signed, framed. These are not photo shopped, they are authentic. Kathryn and Cindi do interior details, groupings—one face cut into another, these are the type of museum silhouette art to invest in. Holly Harwood Skolkin also does silhouettes. Silhouette art talent is inherited. Cindi and Holly Harwood have three to four generations of profiling and paper cutting in their genes. Although both started doing silhouettes in their teen-age years, and during college, they both slowed down while raising children, and doing other careers—Holly an inner-eye photographer, Cindi, a writer, publicist, and director and founder of a cancer non-profit, The Rose Ribbon Foundation. People can donate to cancer causes by purchasing silhouettes from Cindi Harwood Rose, she calls them silhouettes for survivors through

Many silhouette artists offer their services on-line such as which sells three silhouettes for $25.00. There are over 15 tutorials on E-how, on how to cut a silhouette, but those are for the novice, non-artist. These are not silhouettes, they are shadow tracings, or photo-shopped color-ins, and rarely really look like the person, as the shadow is often distorted. I examined and commented as “Cindi Rose Silhouette Artist” on all of them. The only good one, was the tutorial that suggested how to make silhouette images of full figures for parties. The problem is the tools on these e-how tutorials. They use cardboard, and rough paper. They cannot get the lovely smooth cuts skilled silhouette artists get. In addition, since they cannot draw a portrait with a pen or pencil (unless they are maybe an art teacher skilled in that?), how could they translate the shadow, and actually do a good job cutting it out afterwards, where it was not clumsy? They paste the art with Elmer’s glue, which leaves tell-tale signs. For great silhouette ideas look at You Tube silhouette artist and view the speed, quality, personality, and style of the artists. Also, look at the Guild of American Paper cutters site, and see the history of the marvelous art of silhouettes, historical, contemporary, modern, and cultural—past and present.

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Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose sculpts Vienna’s Nose

Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose sculpts Vienna’s Nose

by Nicole Brende

ABC’s popular Bachelor Pad will start airing Monday, August 8, starring friends Erica Rose and Vienna Giraldi. Both girls will be on all episodes. While filming, Vienna confessed to tiara-clad Erica, that she did not like her nose. She did not know that Erica’s father, Franklin Rose, was a plastic surgeon. Erica suggested and arranged for Vienna to get her nose done by her father. Law student/reality star Erica picked Vienna up from the airport, and had her sleep at her parents’ home. Next day, Erica’s mother, Cindi, came in with surgical scissors, to perform nasal surgery” a la silhouette art” on Vienna. In a minute, Cindi silhouetted Vienna’s crocked nose from thin black paper, freehand, making two copies. Vienna exclaimed, “Oh, I love this, I will always remember why I am having my nose done.” Then, in a snip Cindi performed nasal surgery on the other silhouette. “This “ Cindi said, “is how my husband may make your nose.” The nose will be unveiled in US Weekly this week. Don’t get confused when you watch Bachelor Pad, that is Vienna’s nose before she had it done.

Now that Vienna has a new nose, word is she will be filming her own reality show on a country television network, called something like, Vienna’s Hillbillies.”

Authentic Silhouette Artists do not use shadows by Cindi Rose

Ever wonder why real fine artists who do paper profile portraits do not use a shadow to do a silhouette? As a third generation artist, and silhouette artist for over 35 years, I have pondered the same question.

I remembered my aunt, a school teacher, tracing my profile from my shadow projected on the wall. She used crude black construction paper, it was life-sized, and even in elementary school, I did not think it looked like me. The shadow can distort you. It is who you are not.

When light is blocked, your shadow can appear. A gifted silhouette artist uses his/her inner light to capture your profile. According to the history’s noted psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, “the shadow must be confronted. When repressed the shadow lurks like an angry dragon locked up in a dungeon.”

Silhouette artists who work in amusement parks, gift stores, or weddings, hand-cut portraits from sight. They focus on the positive—and cut from the white side of their silhouette paper. Then, they mount the opposite side, the black side. Sometimes, people will ask for the white side to be pasted “hollow-cut” style on a black fabric. Hollow-cuts were produced by a physiotrace machine, from shadows. This pre-dates the camera. Because the individuals operating this machine used white outside images to paste they were still working with a positive image.

The individuals who are trying to jump on the “silhouette art bandwagon” with photo-shopped silhouettes, are basically, not working from an evolved soul, they are working as a business. These trendy items look stylish in home decorations. They can be ordered in large sizes, and in colors. However, all the renown silhouette artists also offer this contemporary service, but with their signature, and their positive vibrations. You will not have to worry about the silhouette as a shadow, which Jung also claimed were “the inferior aspects of the psyche that we’re not proud of.

The white cut-outs made by silhouette cut artists are light-giving. You can order them on-line from or Kathryn Flocken also offers a fabulous selection of silhouette art trends on Etsy. You can also view or purchase her interesting book, Silhouettes Rediscovering the Lost Art on