Saturday, August 27, 2011

How did Kathryn and Cindi acquire their Silhouette Artistry?

Silhouettes in collage with wedding invites by Silhouette Artist Kathryn Flocken.

Silhouette couple by Silhouette Artist Cindi Harwood Rose.

The meeting of silhouette masters, Kathryn Flocken and Cindi Harwood Rose began on the internet. Rose, after putting her precious antique silhouette art paper away to raise two children, searched the net for today’s practicing silhouette artists, to find what she thought was the most professional and accurate living silhouette artist, that proved to be Kathryn. She immediately purchased Kathryn’s bestselling silhouette art book, Silhouettes, rediscovering the Lost Art, and new silhouette paper (as Cindi’s silhouette paper is antique and saved for the most expensive silhouette cuttings, investment value. Kathryn, sent her book, supplies, paper, and friendship. They made plans to work together. Both had worked for Disney World, both were fine art majors, self-taught, both friendly people and pet lovers, in happy marriages. Flocken and Cindi felt like sisters. Both came from literary backgrounds, and had giving souls. They both see the light in their work, not the dark shadow, that is flat and says nothing. Kathryn and Cindi work events together anywhere in the world. It can make your event, unforgettable, with a precious beautiful lasting keepsake, an heirloom silhouette, passed down from generations to come.

Posted here are samples of bride and groom silhouettes made simply for invitations, decorations, napkins, cake toppers, and entertainment at the wedding.

To hire Cindi and Kathryn for your wedding, please go to and send an inquiry including the date, time, location and number of Guests at your Wedding reception.

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