Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose sculpts Vienna’s Nose

Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose sculpts Vienna’s Nose

by Nicole Brende

ABC’s popular Bachelor Pad will start airing Monday, August 8, starring friends Erica Rose and Vienna Giraldi. Both girls will be on all episodes. While filming, Vienna confessed to tiara-clad Erica, that she did not like her nose. She did not know that Erica’s father, Franklin Rose, was a plastic surgeon. Erica suggested and arranged for Vienna to get her nose done by her father. Law student/reality star Erica picked Vienna up from the airport, and had her sleep at her parents’ home. Next day, Erica’s mother, Cindi, came in with surgical scissors, to perform nasal surgery” a la silhouette art” on Vienna. In a minute, Cindi silhouetted Vienna’s crocked nose from thin black paper, freehand, making two copies. Vienna exclaimed, “Oh, I love this, I will always remember why I am having my nose done.” Then, in a snip Cindi performed nasal surgery on the other silhouette. “This “ Cindi said, “is how my husband may make your nose.” The nose will be unveiled in US Weekly this week. Don’t get confused when you watch Bachelor Pad, that is Vienna’s nose before she had it done.

Now that Vienna has a new nose, word is she will be filming her own reality show on a country television network, called something like, Vienna’s Hillbillies.”

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