Sunday, September 26, 2010

Silhouettes by C. Harwood Rose

Silhouettes by Cindi had a wonderful silhouette day at For Heaven's Sake in Beaumont, Texas, where over 50 traditional hand-cut silhouettes were made for treasured heirloom keepsakes. I use historic, authentic French silhouette paper, no longer available today. One day I will run out of this paper, and will have to use contemporary silhouette paper, which is not as dark black, my museum paper is over 40 years old, and is of the same quality that Peggy McClard Gallery has with her collection of silhouettes dating from the 1800's.

Silhouette Party Favors

Cindi Harwood Rose offers wedding and engagement party favors through Hand in Hand Weddings at

Friday, September 24, 2010

Silhouette Decor for All Events!

Delicious, beautiful, and memorable personalized silhouette decor for all special events and occasions, anything from weddings & engagement parties to birthdays & Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

The images above were customized for a wedding event!

Monday, September 13, 2010

America's premier silhouette artist for over 35 years, Cindi Harwood Rose is not only known for her original hand-cut silhouettes,
she also won awards as a model, and actress, as shown in this article from 35 years ago. Cindi's mother, Doris Harwood, was a papercutting
artist, interior designer, and portrait artist. Her grandmother, Bessie, was a papercutting artist, too, giving Cindi Harwood-Rose, three generations
of portrait and papercutting skills.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Silhouette Table Favors

Silhouettes by Cindi did modern silhouettes from historic French archival paper of an engaged couple to use as table favors at an upcoming engagement party. Then, Silhouettes by Cindi will order silhouette cookie cutters and silhouette mugs of their silhouettes to feature at the luncheon as party favors for the guests.
The theme is brown, moss green, and cream. So each table will feature the silhouette mounted on moss green paper, and placed in a light tan contemporary wooden square frame. This will give a trendy look to the timeless art of silhouettes.