Monday, September 13, 2010

America's premier silhouette artist for over 35 years, Cindi Harwood Rose is not only known for her original hand-cut silhouettes,
she also won awards as a model, and actress, as shown in this article from 35 years ago. Cindi's mother, Doris Harwood, was a papercutting
artist, interior designer, and portrait artist. Her grandmother, Bessie, was a papercutting artist, too, giving Cindi Harwood-Rose, three generations
of portrait and papercutting skills.

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  1. I remember her on the TV show,"Captain Harold's Theatre of the Sky", she was also an actress of comedy, and then, on one of the shows she cut out Harold Gunn's silhouette, but I had already read a big write-up on her in People Magazine, about her art, and modeling, and acting. Does Cindi Harwood still cut silhouettes, she must be 48 years old now, and sometimes older people get better and better, not that she wasn't great then, as an artist, but Matisee's papercutting's were his best later in life.
    Michael Peck, attorney