Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cindi Harwood Rose bites the Big Apple for Fashion Week

Former fashion models and natural-born artists take New York Fashion week with silhouette artwork to amaze fashionistas at fashion shows and high-end retail and designer stores.  Department stores hired the Silhouette Sisters to do around 60 guests per hour and show how the word silhouette also means fashion.  Both girls dressed in black and white and hand-cut portraits.  The people were truly amazed that both Kathryn and Cindi’s silhouettes were finely detailed and that they could do couples together.  Kathryn and Cindi both were drawing portraits since they were small and began working for Disney in the parks doing portraits and later, silhouettes.  A real silhouette artist actually cuts a portrait without a sketch or light directly from the paper.  Most silhouette artists can only do 12 per hour, but Kathryn and Cindi can do 25 to 30 more detailed and accurate silhouettes.  Besides being silhouette artists they are also purchasers, so the designer or retail venue can be very pleased to know that he has fashionable artists who may also purchase his/her clothes or cosmetics!  The sisters also do corporate events in the big apple.  You can hire both or one of them to assure a fashionable, silhouette supreme special event! Cindi Rose silhouettes fashion designer Zac Posen here (please take out double chin).  Cindi Rose silhouettes for top jeweler, Franco Volobra, and models for him for his stores in Torino, Rome, Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, La.  She also purchases major statement pieces of jewelry from him to wear to Fashion Week New York City and Milan.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cindi.silhouettes on Instagram

Cute video of Cindi on Instagram.