Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Contemporary Cindi Rose Silhouettes

Contemporary Cindi Rose Silhouettes


Contemporary Silhouettes by Cindi

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Silhouettes by Cindi. Offering the best of contemporary silhouette cutting.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend and silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose. Cindi began cutting silhouettes when she was 16 years old. She is a co-founder of the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation 501 (c ) (3) for which she creates custom "Silhouettes For Survivors," which are available for purchase. All Silhouette proceeds are dedicated to helping uninsured breast cancer survivors receive free reconstructive surgery. The Foundation was created in memory and honor of Holly Harwood Skolkin, Cindi's sister also a 20th and 21st century silhouette artist and humanitarian. Holly survived with Stage 4 breast cancer for 15 years. The Foundation was started during Holly's life and it continues in her honor. The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation offers also offer wigs, support, permanent brows to those in chemo who lost their brows, and free reconstructive surgery to under and un-insured. Cindi Harwood Rose is acclaimed by the Guild of Papercutters as the premier silhouette artist of the last four decades. Cindi uses French silhouette paper that is more than 50 years old and no longer made.

I first met Cindi in 1984, when she cut the silhouette of my son, Nathan, at Joske's Department store. I became friends with Cindi over the last few years as we have worked together to promote silhouette art, both antique and new. Cindi is talented, creative and responsive to requests for certain kinds of silhouettes. Her work is fresh and incorporates inspiration from historic silhouettists as well as contemporary work with an eye towards realism. When Cindi first visited my home gallery and shop, she was taken by the works of Everet Howard, the 19th century silhouettist who cut my logo silhouette at the very top of the page. Howard used very creative, varying bust-line terminations. At Cindi's next silhouette-cutting event, she incorporated creative, varying bust-line terminations in her work. She soon cut my silhouette with such a creative bust-line termination.

Recently, I asked Cindi to cut a very elaborate silhouette that I could give to Nathan and his fiancé, Rachel, as a wedding shower gift. I forwarded my favorite of their engagement photos to Cindi and asked her to recreate it in silhouette with an elaborate background. She obliged, offering three wonderfully creative silhouettes from which I could choose.

Cindi is available to cut silhouettes for your special occasion. She cuts designs for wedding invitations and even does some silhouette jewelry. Proceeds from her silhouette cutting goes to the Rose Ribbon Foundation. I am not receiving a commission nor any other type of compensation as a result of this or any other mention of Cindi and her work. I think she is the best of the current silhouettists. Please look at the silhouettes pictured here and also make sure to visit Cindi at Silhouettes by Cindi, where you will find more examples of her work as well as her email address.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Collars for a cause

Collars for a cause

Be sure to stop by Momentum tonight for the great charity “Collars for a cause”. My daughter, Erica Rose, and I created a few hand-jeweled pet collars to donate, and I donated a framed animal and pet silhouette, I handcut and framed. Diane Caplan Brown will love you to attend, check the invite out on Facebook. Pictured is Hampton and Shayna, and a Chinese cat silhouette papercutting, to show two art styles, one thousands of years old, another a few hundred years old, but both contemporary herilooms at any time or in any culture.

Kenneth J. Downing strikes a cool silhouette

Kenneth J. Downing strikes a cool silhouette

By Deborah J. Miller

International traveler, yet Dallas resident, Kenneth J. Downing, recently created quite a buzz with his juxtaposition of silhouettes on the runway for Neiman-Marcus in Houston. The event was The Spirit of Spring Children’s Assessment Center Luncheon, chaired by slender fashion plates Diane Caplan Brown and Nancy Marcus (where did she get that middle name?) Golden, formerly of Dallas and Beverly Hills. Ken J. (as his closest friend call him) happens not to only be a television fashion diva—think Project Runway All Stars, Oprah, E! Entertainment, Fox News, he is the senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus world-wide. Yet, the gift to him, that most pleased his inner child was made by humanitarian and silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose—his custom silhouette portrait, as shown. Cindi in Givenchy, pulled out her famous plastic surgeon husband, Franklin’s surgical scissors (or maybe her own)and some antique, thin black paper, and without a sketch, she snipped his likeness, sans the hair-cut. His golden locks, normally seen, had been trimmed, thus, fine artist, Cindi Rose, captured that, his facial features, whimsical personality, and his slender, boyish charm. “OHHHHH!” Kenneth exclaimed, “My mother will love this, she collects silhouettes and has around 600 in her home!” Cindi Rose immediately placed it into a black wooden frame with gold leaf, and jewels she had placed on the frame herself. When asked how she managed to mix the classic, modern, traditional, and antique, with humor, she explained, “It is interpretive, I could never frame a silhouette for Kenneth J. Downing in the average, that he is not.” The NM fashion show displayed art equal to Cindi Harwood Rose’s unique silhouette talents, and in themes. First, purple, then pink, then floral, next patterns with odd combinations of patterns, yet somehow fitting and quite whimsical. “This was the best Children’s Assessment Center Event I have ever been to,” Cindi Harwood Rose explained. “The Children’s Assessment Center helps children that were raped with recovery, and support. “ To donate contact Jull Buja@cac hctx.net

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose snips Ashley Judd for CAC

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose snips Ashley Judd for CAC

The Children’s Assessment Center’s “Spirit of Spring” luncheon chaired by Diane Caplan and Nancy Marcus Golden was a huge success. Ken Downing and Neiman Marcus had an incredible fashion show, with colorful silhouettes streaming down the runway. Ashley Judd, Award winning actress and humanitarian gave a chat on-stage with TV personality Deborah Duncan, on how to go forward in life with trials and tragedy.

Cindi Rose says, “It was a pleasure to be part of this important group, and have the honor to cut a silhouette of Ashley Judd, who admires the art. The Children’s Assessment Center not only tries to stop sexual abuse with children, but offers support to those who have experienced a trauma such as this, to move forward in life.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose is the Pied Piper of silhouette artists. Even wiggly children, are amazed at her magic scissors. “The scissors are like a magic wand to the children,” says Cindi, “they glisten and make shapes from special French silhouette paper”. A self-taught silhouette artist, Cindi, does not underplay the importance of natural art talents. “If you cannot draw a profile with a pencil, pen, or brush, then you could never draw with scissors,” C. H. Rose, explains. It is much harder, and that is why you rarely see real silhouette artist, who can do the lovely miniatures. By this, Cindi is speaking of the skilled artist who merely looks at a subject and cuts directly from the paper, without the use of a light, pencil, pen, or camera. This Mother’s Day, Cindi will do silhouettes in Houston at Fundamentally Toys, and in Dallas and Fort Worth, at Learning Express stores. Wiggly children, do not have to sit still, Harwood-Rose explains, not do the parents. www.silhouettesbycindi.com