Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose snips Ashley Judd for CAC

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose snips Ashley Judd for CAC

The Children’s Assessment Center’s “Spirit of Spring” luncheon chaired by Diane Caplan and Nancy Marcus Golden was a huge success. Ken Downing and Neiman Marcus had an incredible fashion show, with colorful silhouettes streaming down the runway. Ashley Judd, Award winning actress and humanitarian gave a chat on-stage with TV personality Deborah Duncan, on how to go forward in life with trials and tragedy.

Cindi Rose says, “It was a pleasure to be part of this important group, and have the honor to cut a silhouette of Ashley Judd, who admires the art. The Children’s Assessment Center not only tries to stop sexual abuse with children, but offers support to those who have experienced a trauma such as this, to move forward in life.

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  1. Star celebrity, Ashley Judd's silhouette shows her direct intelligence, honest presentation, business-minded attitude, and simple elegance. She is very organized, and is not frilly. Thus, silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, interpreted her profile with those character traits, in addition to getting her lovely features. Famous actress, Ashley Judd, has controlled her life, through, discipline and hard-work. Other silhouettes can be seen in the book by Emma Rutherford, to understand the complexity of the true master silhouette profilists. The art should have character, and more than features, it should create a feeling of who the identity of the subject is. Buffie Porter