Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding decoration ideas!

OMG, is this the most incredible way of displaying a gifted silhouette artist's works-- a rock wall of silhouettes by artist Cindi Rose!
I always love to see them cozy on chair backs, but with fresh flowers and pearls and newlyweds kissing after the "Forever Vows".  This reminds me of the ABC show, The Bachelor", and yes,
silhouette artist Cindi Rose is the mother of ABC's famous Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star, Erica Rose!  White roses, pearls, silhouettes-- great wedding d├ęcor silhouettes and the artist Cindi at the wedding
profiling the guests!  I do!  I will forever adore this wedding theme.  For more information check out and her wedding video supreme on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wedding I do--silhouette artist style!

  Glamour, antique, memories, and old-fashioned glamour adds to these exquisite wedding shoot of silhouette artist
Cindi Rose's delicate original hand-cut works.  Heirloom treasures were selected with real linens while the love couple sailed with Cindi's
Silhouettes and thank-you notes for their going away wishes.  Even the flower girl was kept entertained with a silhouette
Artist at a wedding! A Waterford champagne bucket kept the hollow cuts for a bridal art project to do after the wedding
Vows, honeymoon, and new married life!

Silhouette Shades: Freehand Cut vs. Machine

Many people rejoice in the cutting of the charming European and American silhouettists and profilists who once called their work Shades.  Some cut by mechanical means such as William Bache who began in Worcestershire, England and then came to Philadelphia in 1782.  In many aspects the machine, was a form of "cheating" for the non-portrait artist, since even in the 1700's, it was rare to find a real silhouette artist, who merely gazed upon a subject and hand-cut the profile-- without having to use a light, machine, or shadow.  In these detailed photos, veteran silhouette artist, Cindi Rose cuts with antiques around her for a wedding shoot. Today, as yesterday, this difficult art to master, is often copycatted by artificial means-- the Photoshop, a wall tracing, a camera cut-put. These methods reduce the subject to a minimal, blocking their light, making them less than who they are.  The accurate master of the lost art, will make unique detail cut-outs, often even, draw more details on the special silhouette paper and sign and not stamp their works. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Children's silhouettes by Cindi makes cute decorations for national child and foster care conference.  Cindi was on-hand to cut silhouettes of case workers, foster parents and children, as well as add hand-cut silhouettes on each dessert and centerpiece.

Great wedding entertainment idea-- Silhouette artist!

Children's silhouettes are popular at all occasions.  Here, Cindi Rose cuts a profile of a flower girl at a wedding.

 Father/son silhouette by artist Cindi Rose, makes great wedding favors!

Hand cut silhouettes by an expert silhouette artist makes great entertainment at a wedding, and a party favor.  One can be given to each guest, and one can be put into a guest book for the bride and groom to cherish forever!