Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silhouette Schedule

World's Best Silhouette Artist Profiles in Houston, Katy, Woodlands areas
In time for holiday gifts, fourth generation fine artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, will do the rare art of cutting profiles from viewing a subject. This skill predates the camera, and is not done with a camera, Photoshop, shadow, or light.
Cindi, a former artist for both Disney parks, began this art as a teen, after being able to draw portraits since a child.  It came naturally to her.  Over 35 years later, her work is in museums, national publications, and has been spotlighted on many TV shows and movies.  Peggy McClard, silhouette art expert, says that Cindi's work is collectable, and goes up in value! The silhouettes are $35 per person, with extra copies at $10 a person.  They are not generic like other silhouette artists, who give all the same face.  C. H. Rose's work is intricate, she can do groupings, she can capture the wiggliest child, she will leave off double chins when asked, or reduce a nose in her artwork.
This is a treasured keepsake, to last generations to come!
View silhouettesbycindi.com and her videos on YouTube
Each store should be phoned for an appointment, which is recommended. Her current schedule is:
Nov. 10, 11, Fundamentally Toys, West University 713 524-4400
Nov. 16, Scruples Boutique Champions/Woodlands 5505 FM1960W. Ste D 77069  281-537-0405scruples009@live.com
Dec. 6, a' beintot, 1205 River Oaks Blvd. abeintotlcom 713-523-6997
Dec. 15, 16, Katy Educational Toys 2004 S. Mason Road281-574-6997
Remember, it is best to have an appointment, it takes two minutes, children don't need to sit still!
Get copies for yourself, parents, grandparents, of your pets, and have your holiday gifts solved.
All work is mounted on 5 x 7 acid-free Crane's stock
Frames and mats are $5 to $45 extra.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cindi Silhouettes style me pretty!

Cindi Silhouettes style me pretty!
                How often do you hire an entertainer for a wedding, and let them be your theme and event planner?  It is rare, but renown silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose, once was an event owner, and a wedding planner, at the same time she was snipping her way to silhouette stardom.  It really began with a dream.  When a child, Cindi, would read fairy tales, thinking of " happily ever-after".   Shy, but talented, she would sit with paper and colored pencils drawing fashions and planning decorations to be seen at imagined banquets and events.  Her inspiration was simple-- the story of Cinderella, going to a ball, being friends with nature, and in a minute being transformed into a beauty. Harwood, a beauty contest winner, never felt pretty, until she met magic-- thin, long scissors and black French silhouette paper and thick paste.  This gave her an opportunity to connect her heart with others through art.  She could style others prettier than they felt they were, and that made Cindi's heart swell with love.
This was how she discovered, as a teen, that she could cut a silhouette from site, after first being hired to draw portraits for hundreds per day.  "When I hand-cut a profile, I see the beauty in my subject, and capture their light, a real silhouette artist does that, but a Photoshop silhouette or wall-traced one distorts people, " Harwood-Rose explains.  Silhouette artist predate the camera, and to do it any other way minimalizes the person.  "It is exactly what Kara Walker says-- most silhouettes you see are fake so they are less than what you are, when I do a silhouette I incorporate facial features, style statement, psychic feelings, physiognomy, and often humor," C. H. Rose explains. That is how the art began in the 1500's, and it is vogue today when done correctly.
                  First try at freehand cutting realism, Cindi was given the prestigious position of "the silhouette girl" for the Disney owned art company.  Let's move 7 to 8 years later.  The young artist was so people skilled, and dependable, that she was asked to own all the art concessions in the Houston based amusement park. The fancy Disney manager, was fired.  This allowed the honor communications and fine art manager to hire over 40 artists to work for her, just seasonally.  The park closed when school season began  To keep her artists faithful to her, she formed a talent and event company, calling it Cameo A+Aritsts.  She enlisted florists, bakers, caricature and portrait artists, herself as the silhouette artist, clothing designers, photographers, and party rentals.  When someone needed an event, Cindi Harwood (now Rose) would ask what they were looking for in the way of their vision.  She offered her creative output, with options such as chair covers, unique centerpieces (with feathers, crystals, silhouette centerpieces, often with herbs and flowers).  She also encouraged music to vary throughout the evening.   Strolling musicians for the reception, a harpist, or trio, a wedding singer (normally from your place of worship) personal poetry vows, and a big band, DJ, small band, or R and R group, depending on the feel the engaged couple would want.  She also booked business functions and guest speakers, videographers, and was known to even put make-up on the bride and wedding party. 
                "It is important to make your style-statement at any function, regardless if it is totally serious and sales oriented", Cindi Harwood Rose attests.  It should start with invitations, and the theme can be carried throughout.  Black and white are trendy, but silhouettes can be in any color,  Never confuse an artist that has to draw a person first then cut them out, or trace a shadow off a wall, as a silhouette artist.  They are imitating the art.  It is sad to see them in wonderful publications like Martha Stewart, who does not know the difference between master silhouette artists, who look and hand-cut profiles in 2 minutes or less per person, with interior details, to the kind that school teachers will clumsily trace off a wall. The Photo Shop, is not human, and the personal wedding touch is. Why start the ceremony with computer generated imitations, when real silhouette artists are on-line.   The acclaimed international silhouette artists, vary the neckline, can add pearls, hair ribbons, headbands, the flowers on the tux, through intricate paper cuts that are done on the spot.  Cindi can do 50 accurate, detailed silhouettes an hour with full details at a wedding, twice as fast as any other silhouette artist in the world.   
                At many weddings, Cindi not only created the invitations and stationery designs, she has done silhouettes for the bride and groom table cloth, necklaces with cameo silhouettes for the wedding party, personal bride and groom cookie cutters, silhouette lip balms, silhouette coasters, silhouette cake toppers, and she has gone as far as designed the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, to go with French, English Victorian themes.  Hand-cut silhouette art is a prized, cherished, classic, contemporary, timeless, heirloom.  At weddings Cindi Harwood does two silhouettes-- one for each guest, and one for a guest book that the guests signs.  She can draw the silhouettes on cardboard for the wedding florist to fill with flowers, to create extra drama to a lovely style me pretty, Cindi silhouette artist wedding!  For more information see silhouettesbycindi.com and watch Cindi's wedding silhouette supreme video on YouTube, join her on SilhouettesbyCindiFacebook and donate to cancer research through purchasing wedding silhouettes from TheHollyRoseRibbonFoundation 501 (c ) ( 3 ),  Thank-you for reading Silhouette Cindi Style me Pretty and please share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and post on your Pinerest!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Great Silhouette Artists in Department stores for the Holidays! By Paper Details


Great Silhouette Artists in Department stores for the Holidays!
By Paper Details
Have you ever been to one of your favorite glam department stores,
and where wowed by a silhouette artist? Many of them, not from the area,
came in especially to do cherished silhouettes of your family. As a fourth
generation artist, and silhouette artist for over 35 years, Cindi Harwood
Rose, tells of the tradition: After she did silhouettes as a teen and
college student for Disney themed amusement parks, the artist then shifted
to department stores, business conventions, and special events to hand-cut
profiles in the classic lost art style. This is the popular art that
predates the camera, where the fine artist actually draws with a scissors,
or directly cuts out a profile while viewing a person or subject. In stores
the work should be more modern, than what you may have had in a theme park.
However, the artists who did work in the parks, are often the most detailed
of the silhouette artists, and are the best with children and families.
In this article, we researched to find that skilled silhouette
artists: Cindi Harwood, Kathryn Flocken, and Virginia Rose, have all done
silhouettes at specialty stores throughout the US, and abroad. Cindi's list
alone includes Neiman-Marcus, the once Kaufman's in Pittsburgh, Bergdorf
Goodman in NY, Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, Palm Beach, Bal Harbor Florida,
Beverly Hills, The Dillard's stores in Texas, Macy's in many cities
including NY, Nordstrom's, the once lovely Sakowitz in Arizona and Texas.
Kathryn's work has been in demand in the same quality stores throughout the
US, and in Florida, Ga., Alabama, Mississippi, Canada, and New York, while
K. Housel Bogue had been popular across the globe for many Macy's and
Dillard's stores for many years. The Dallas silhouette artist, Virginia
Rose (not related to Cindi Harwood Rose), has also been seen across the
globe at the Dillard's, Macy's and Sanger-Harris stores in Dallas Fort Worth
areas. Tim Arnold has also worked at the Dillard's stores and local stores
in neighborhoods. These are America's most established, experienced, and
prolific silhouette artists. Most are from generations of artists, came by
their skill naturally, and love to work with all art mediums, and for gifts
around special occasions. All of these skilled scissor artists find great
joy in the art itself, and each can do intricate details, all with many fine
One of America's premier silhouette artists, Cindi Rose, will be
featured in Palm Beach Saks Fifth Avenue, for pre-holiday gifts on November
7 through 9. Her work is now considered collectable, and some of her early
works have gone for hundreds. Her silhouettes of Golda Mier, and Liberace,
President Bush, are legendary. For more information, or to book the top
silhouette artist at your store or wedding event, contact
You don't have to wait for Kathryn to come to your specialty store
in your area to get one of her great works. Just order by mail, and get the
most gorgeous keepsake possible, or contact her directly, to get a special
pet silhouette portrait, or bride and groom full-length silhouette through
Paperportraits.com Kathryn can also do entire school fundraisers by mail
(send her the CD), or total generations of families by e-mail. Her interior
cuts are incredible, and she is the nation's top book author
On the subject, you can buy her book, "Discovering the Lost Art" through
 Silhouette artists are unique, they are gifted, and the art can't be
"taught". There are some average silhouette artists, but from research
thought many websites, and from silhouette historians, these are America's