Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to make a silhouette art cake topper, and top it with a silhouette artist at your wedding! By Cindi Harwood Rose

Have you admired bride and groom cake-toppers on the internet, yet you can't afford them or are a crafty person, who likes to make your own?
As a former silhouette artist for both Disney theme parks in the United States, my silhouettes are hand-cut from sight, but I have also learned
secrets on how the DIY can make her own.  All the steps are included in this tutorial.
1.      Search the internet for old-fashioned or modern bride and groom silhouettes, don't use one that is not copyright free, such as
      From my website (silhouettesbycindi.com) or any other authentic silhouette artist.  Instead, go to Dover Books, or buy an antique
      book from Peggy McClard such as Mrs. Nevill Jackson's Silhouettes, A History and Dictionary of Artists.
2.      Go to your favorite craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Texas Art Supply, Brick's, or Michael's and buy Recollections or decorative
card layers, the ones shown here are from Michael's, and are the neutral tones. 
3.      Make copies of the old-fashioned silhouette couples, and then cut out your own shapes, one in black paper, one in white paper.
4.      Glue the vintage-style silhouettes on the paper--white on black, black on white, a spray mount, glue stick, or rubber cement.
5.      Use the clear plant stick that gift cards come attached to (ask your grocery store for one, if you don't have one saved).
6.      Stick the black and white card stocks together with a tacky glue, put weight on it, so it will stay stuck (5 minutes).
7.      Add a beautiful ribbon under the silhouette artwork.
8.      Wedding day, put it in the cake, or give it to your wedding planner, this can be done for birthday parties and other events.
Be aware though! Paper Silhouettes on the cake may disintegrate if they get wet or get frosting on them!!!
9.       If you want to buy a real silhouette cake topper made of a durable material, get the silhouette made by a professional,
10.   The best silhouette artists on- line, make sure you don't see the word camera on the site. I have a photo of a cake where I just put the direct silhouettes on
the cake that I cut of the bride and groom at their wedding, as well as all their guests.  If you have a silhouette cake topper,
top, yourself, and hire a professional silhouette artist at your wedding.  Many will not charge travel fees, if you book them
in advance and they can do other work in the area, or make a nice vacation from it!  If you have over 200 guests you can
hire both Kathryn and Cindi Harwood Rose, they cover New York, Florida, Houston, Colorado, California,
Texas, Pennsylvania, Canada, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. 
You can also buy a higher quality, affordable cake toppers from Kathryn on www,paperportraits.com    
lasered from  durable food safe acrylic.

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