Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to get Quality Silhouettes at your Wedding

Silhouette above by Cindi Harwood Rose
Wedding Silhouette by Kathryn Flocken.

There are 5 ways to get find a quality silhouette artist at your wedding

1. Check out search engines for Silhouette artist. Is the silhouettests’s work simple—all black, or has skilled intricate snip-outs, the best silhouette work has paper cut-out clothing and hair details.

2 Look at the silhouette artist videos on You Tube. The happy profile cutting artist, smiles with grace, as she/he works. You can see the joy of their gift, as they bestow it to others.

3 Determine if the artist makes everyone look the same, a great silhouette artist, sees the differences in everyone, and does flattering work.

4 See if the bust-line is too large, or varies. Talented silhouette artists, change the bust-line to fit the person, and give it style. Fashion should be considered in the shade hand- cut profiles.

5 Check references. Call stores and venues where the silhouette artist worked, or see the comments posted on the popular sites such as Gigmasters , Partypops, or Kathryn and Cindi Silhouettes.


  1. What a great wedding idea to research real silhouette artists, and give that to all the guests. I love the idea of the silhouettes put in a guest book for the bride and groom, too, I saw that on Kathryn Flocken's site that she shares with you, Cindi.

  2. I have booked Cindi Rose for my wedding silhouettes in Virginia, I can not wait to get the wedding sihouettes in the mail I will use for my cake toppers.

  3. These silhouette's look great.