Sunday, June 26, 2011


Please click here to see Cindi's newest video.

A note from the American Profile Magazine videographer, Rich Jengen, about Silhouettes
for Survivors.

Hi Cindi:

Thanks so much for taking a look at the video on YouTube. I just finished
that sequence for American Profile Magazine. I posted the video on YouTube
temporarily in order to get feedback from a few of my colleagues. This is
not the final version. After the video is completed it will be posted on
American Profile's website.

I was just blown away by your incredible talent - and your willingness to
share it with other people. The work that you do on behalf of cancer
patients is truly inspirational.

Glad to hear that you liked the music on the video too. I thought the music
went great with your presentation. It seemed to capture your spirit somehow

All the best to you -

Rich Jegen

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