Friday, July 22, 2011

Silhouette for Vienna Giraldi

Silhouette artist, Cindi Rose, sculpts Vienna Giraldi’s new nose, for her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Franklin Rose to use as a guide, while Bachelor Pad star Erica Rose, scrubs in, too.

Dr. Franklin Rose, MD, and board-certified plastic surgeon did a “nose job” for Bachelor Pad contestant, Vienna Giraldi, who used to be engaged to The Bachelor Jake Pavelka. While filming, the soon to air ABC hit show, she mentioned to her friend, Erica Rose, that she would like her nose done.

Erica had Vienna fly in to Houston, picked her up at the airport and nurse her to recovery. While at the O.R., Erica’s mom, and Dr. Rose’s wife, Cindi Rose, took out her silhouette surgical scissors, and cut a silhouette of Vienna’s nose before, and then, what it would look like afterwards. Vienna said, “I love the silhouette, it will remind me why I am having my nose done.” Her nose was prettier from the side than front, and was crocked, so Dr. Rose corrected that.

Vienna house-guested with the Rose’s asking for ice cream and mashed potatoes with tons of cheddar cheese. Erica then picked up Vienna’s latest boyfriend, Bachelor Pad contestant, Casey Kahl. Vienna was just a few days post-op so Erica entertained him in Houston, Texas at a sporting event. Inspired by Vienna’s short hair-do, and no-extensions. Erica took hers out! Now the two girls look like sisters. No wonder Jake Pavelka was attracted to Erica Rose on Bachelor Pad. Watch the show August 8, for six weeks on Mondays on ABC and see the sparks fly. Question does Vienna want to look like Erica, or does Erica want to look like Vienna? Both of the above? None of the above?

Here you see a peak of celebrity reality star Vienna’s new nose, as sculpted by Cindi Harwood Rose, in less than two minutes.

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