Thursday, February 16, 2012

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose

Cindi Harwoood Rose is a psychic silhouette artist who by sight goes into the fourth dimension and hand-cuts a profile of individuals, healing them, and making them look like themselves, while she captures their spirit, and can guide them and inspire them while she works, as the gift of this art is G-d given.

Not only does Cindi Rose have the world speed record, in hand-cutting profiles from French silhouette paper, she is the only artist in the world that has the antique, authentic paper which is over 50 years old. Cindi Rose donates proceeds to the Rose Ribbon Foundation (501) ( c ) (3) soon to be Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation in honor and memory of her sister, Holly Harwood Skolkin, who died a week ago from a 15 year struggle with breast cancer, which went to her liver. With Holly’s love, and support while alive, they created the cancer foundation to offer wholeness of spirit and body to others with critical opportunities of all sexes, ages including wigs, eyebrows, breast reconstructed, support groups, recipes, plus the idea of giving blessings. Cindi and her husband, Dr. Franklin Rose, a reconstructive and plastic surgeon, started the foundation 7 years ago, while Holly was alive. Cindi has been doing “Silhouettes for Survivors” and was made an American Hero for that from American Profile Magazine. She goes to stores and boutiques, and they set up silhouette days, and the money goes to the foundation. A former Walt Disney artist, and fine art honor graduate, Cindi has been drawing portraits since 8 years old and began cutting silhouettes for Disneyland at 16, without a lesson. There are no lessons for the real silhouette art, which is carving a profile from sight in a minute from black paper, in miniature, without a sketch or light, freehand. Cindi Rose, the world’s best silhouette artist also holds the world speed record—144 people in one hour. The Guild of Papercutters ranks Cindi Harwood Rose as the world’s premier silhouette artist. She has done silhouettes over 40 years, her sister Holly could do silhouettes, their mother was a fine artists, architect, and papercutter, and the artwork just came to Cindi, while working as a teen drawing portraits at Disneyland.

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