Friday, December 20, 2013

Business parties host renowned silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose

                Cindi Harwood in the 70's and early 80's was a frequent guest at business conventions, private parties, and popular department stores such as Neiman-Marcus, Kaufman's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sanger-Harris hand-profiling people's silhouettes. Her real agent, Hal Burman, booked her throughout the United States and so did her agent in Pittsburgh, Pa.  to cut silhouettes of clients at VIP events.  Cindi, a graduate in communications (and fine art) at the University of Texas in Austin, was also a former beauty contest winner and television on-camera personality.  Thus, it was easy for her to relate to guests, give speeches about a company, and cut silhouettes as she worked.  Silhouette cutting to Cindi and working, was similar to "Whistling while you work".
                In the 80's she married Dr. Franklin Rose, and soon had two children, Erica and Benjamin.  Her silhouette career, did not take her globe-trotting to Canada, Hawaii, South America, Australia, Hong Kong,  France, Rome, UK, Scotland, and Ireland as in the past. It became Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi based, so that she could combine family with an edge of career.  She found that doing silhouettes in elite children's boutiques, pharmacy's, stationery stores, and toy stores, and the school fundraisers, fit nicely into being the nation's best mom, wife, and community leader.
                With children grown, Cindi Harwood Rose is now again making her talent available to the world at holiday parties, museum fund-raisers, art galleries, weddings, engagement parties, and other events. Here Cindi and her precious elves are busy at Texas Auto Direct, wishing all the best for the New Year!

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