Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silhouette Cindi Wonderland Pop Artist Gallery Show

Silhouette Cindi Wonderland Pop Artist Gallery Show
Stubie Jackson
                We are all madly in love with Cindi Harwood Rose's simple but brilliant depictions of Alice In Wonderland with her new twist on the old Victorian theme of silhouette profiles.
She has a series of her favorite hand-cuttings playfully portrayed of popular story characters such as Peter Pan and the Lost Children, Medusa, Spider Man, Hansel and Gretel, and more.  Cartoons actually
began with silhouette cut-outs by Lotte Reininger, who Walt Disney later embellished her original works into a theme park, we all know of as Disneyland in Las Angeles, Disneyworld in Orlando, Disneyland in Tokyo and Europe.  To understand the complexity of this art and how it is relevant to cinema, pop fiction, and art nerds, view Lotte Reininger 's work on YouTube.  Cindi Harwood began
drawing portraits when she was 5, and by 8 she got her first commission for $1.  Today, she carves her work for various companies for logos, business conventions and conferences, techies,
and special events.  "I actually don't mind even cutting silhouettes at weddings of the guests" Cindi said.  She sees it as a gift, and does not have to be in a museum or art gallery, although
her large works have graced many museums and galleries.  Keep your eye out for her upcoming art shows, on contact her through 

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  1. That is very creative, I think the actual real art is cutting the profiles accurately, from live models.