Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to cut Silhouettes by a real silhouette artist! By Cindi Harwood Rose, freehand silhouette arts

How to cut Silhouettes by a real silhouette artist!
By Cindi Harwood Rose, freehand silhouette arts

A real silhouette artist is a fine artist and not a craftsman.  They can draw and paint portraits, front view and sideways.  This art form predates the camera, and began around the time scissors were invented.  Some of the best artists of the day learned to actually draw with scissors.  This is a difficult art to master, as you have to learn to draw with the interior of a sharp scissors.  However, ways of "cheating" were also invented.  Many people can live a full life and never meet an authentic silhouettest (one who merely takes scissors and their own talent, and directly cuts an accurate profile, in minutes).  Good news!  Here are ways to make a silhouette, it won't be as good as the real thing, but it will be a treasure, no matter what.   You can always get "the real thing" when one has the joy of a professional silhouette artist coming to your city, school fundraiser, favorite children's store, wedding, or boutique.
1.       Take a profile photo of someone, with top of head, back of head, no smile, and bodice.  Right view is always the best, unless you are left-handed.
2.       Get black paper, the darker the better, or buy silhouette paper from a school supply store.
3.       Tape the picture to the black paper or authentic silhouette paper.
4.       Cut out the shape from the photo!
5.       Admire, share, use for greeting cards or frame.
6.       If you don't like what you did, look on-line for a real silhouette artist (look for people who don't use a Photoshop or computer art) and order one on-line!
7.       You can also try putting black paper on the wall, and casting a shadow and cutting that out.
8.       You can reduce this to 4 x 5  or 3 x 4 to get the desired authentic size prized by historians.
9.       Look at for heirloom freehand cut silhouettes, or any other former Disneyland or Disneyworld silhouette artist!
10.   Enjoy these shared silhouettes done in New York, Denver, Houston, Brooklyn, Austin, Aspen, Dallas, England, and Los Angeles by

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