Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Silhouettes done from photos by Silhouettes by Cindi

If you have admired silhouettes hanging on walls, and want to make one
yourself, here is a simple tutorial from silhouette artist Cindi Harwood
Take a very good photo of your loved one, right-facing is best.  Make sure
the lips are natural and the top of head, bodice, back-of-head are in the
You can send this to a silhouette artist listed on the website. Don't pick
the most reasonable, pick the one whose work you like best!
Or, you can purchase real silhouette paper from a teacher's supply  on-line
store, and glue the photo to the paper.
Next, carefully cut it out with good, sharp scissors, such as barber
scissors, or embroidery scissors.

The smaller the size, the more valuable, the silhouette is, not the
opposite.  Miniature cut profiles in black is a French/English
art.  You should stay true to the classic heirloom, and keep your artistry
in a vintage look.
At  Disneyland and Disney World where I used to work, the silhouettes are
mounted on 5 x 7 cards, suitable for 5 x 7 frames.
This is traditional.  The large ones are not authentic, as they are traced
from a shadow on the wall, and are normally distorted-- 
just like your shadow is.  School teachers often do that since silhouette
artists are rare, and it is a lost art.
The more "interior" cut-outs the better your silhouette.  The premier
silhouette artists do many lovely cut arts in their works.
Have fun on the internet to find the authentic silhouette artists who do it
"by hand", not a computer, and then, render your own.
Look for key words in your search, such as paper portraits, and theme parks.
The artists who were hired at former theme
parks, normally are the best.  They can do groupings and the inside
cut-outs, and have more experience.  

The prices of silhouettes done by mail by real silhouette artists vary from
$20 to $100 per silhouette.  Some include three
silhouettes, one for each grandparent and one for you.  Others sell the
lovely acid-free mats for $5 to $15, and sell picture
Frames for $18 to $60.  Make sure you are not getting a frame you could buy
at Hobby Lobby for $7 and paying $18, as some
silhouette artists are offering, do your own research!  The best picture
frames are made of solid wood and are in traditional
black with a rim of gold-leaf around the center of the frame.  Have a super
silhouette day, and make lovely holiday, Valentine's,
Mother's Day, Father's Day, or wedding gifts!  Love, Cindi Harwood Rose
silhouette artist at silhouettesbycindi.com

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