Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Dish~ Houston

What would be a more wonderful way to say "I love you" than a thoughtful hand-cut silhouette by scissorgraphist, Cindi Rose, a treasured art seldom seen and mastered. Silhouettes, also called paper-profiles, will be cut on Friday, Feb. 12, at Tanglewood Gifts located at Chimney Rock and Woodway, at 5750 Woodway, from 11 to 1, and 2 to 5. Rose, who is considered the "foremost living silhouette artist" uses natural talents and surgical scissors to capture a likeness, without a sketch or shadow. This insures that the work will have fine-details and embellishments such as stylish hair-dos, ribbons, neck-ties, pipes, head-bands, and necklaces.
A second generation artist, she began drawing portraits at 11 years old, and cutting silhouettes for a Disney amusement park lessee, at 16.
There are only around 25 authentic practicing silhouette artists (also called papyrotomists) in the world. A silhouette gift lasts forever, and will show that your love will last forever. Silhouettes are $40 a person, with extra copies at $10 a person. This way you can think of spouse's, parents, siblings, and other loved ones. Children do not have to sit still or be dressed for the occasion. Master silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, can make them look "clean" in the picture. To make things more loveable, this will benefit The Rose Ribbon Foundation, to help the uninsured with critical illness.
For more information contact (713) 385-0736, or Tanglewood Gifts at (713) 266-1006. No appointments are needed, but are reccommended. Silhouettes can be done of pets from profile pictures.

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  1. Love that idea of profiles cut-out by a master silhouette artist, they authentic way, thanks for sharing Cindi Harwood Rose's talents on the Dish.