Monday, August 12, 2013

Color Silhouettes by Cindi Harwood Rose for Home Decor

Color Silhouettes by Cindi Harwood Rose for Home Decor

America's premier silhouette artist, Cindi Harwood Rose, has been adding color to her palate of modern-day hand-cut (not Photoshopped) silhouettes.  With Oily Moss doing popular comic, television, and action figures, it is a delightful challenge to add a touch of color to the Victorian art of carving black cut profiles with scalpel, scissors, and exacto knife.  Many of C.H. Rose's  designs are requests, Emilio Pucci was done for a Fashion show, a bride and groom for the front room of their dining room, and the Peter Pan artworks for a children's room.  Cindi Harwood, the daughter, of an architectural designer, is knowledgeable on utilizing space with art to emote feelings. "My mother would draw interiors of home to scale for architects, and then pick the furnishings, wall covering, floors and floor coverings."  She reflected her client's tastes, blending in her own.

  Thus, the art of silhouette for decorating a home, is as key as a belt for a dress, or that set of pearls for the basic black dress.  The silhouette, like the pearls, can make a statement.  Especially, if it is an authentic one made from observation, not a shadow, Photoshop, or from a picture.  When I do a subject's profile, I determine who they are, and add their psychology into the finished piece, often adding intuitive marks on the actual finished piece about the individual, psychic silhouettes.

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  1. I made a poster with one of your prints. Can you provide me your email so I can send your way for approval?