Monday, August 26, 2013

The Best one-stop shop features Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose By Renne Dilenseger

The Best one-stop shop features Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose
By Renne Dilenseger
                It was a popular attraction to have renown silhouette artist Cindi Harwood Rose at Bering's Back to School fashion show event. Happy moms, dads, grandparents and lovely children, awaited with excitement for their silhouette to be hand-cut by a master.  They were also thrilled to be in America's top one shop store which features hardware, housewares, furnishings, stationery, fine gifts, baby registry, children's clothing and toys, and outdoor living. "This is my favorite store to shop in," artist Cindi H. Rose claimed, "there is everything you could ever want in giftware and cookery." The line waiting for the former Disney artist included customers of hers from decades ago, who now wanted their next generation to be silhouetted by the master. Some came with the idea of having bride and groom silhouettes made with Bering's stationery department designing the invitations, or holiday cards made from Cindi's detailed silhouettes.  The excitement too, was that 25 percent of the income was to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. One man said he drove in from Dallas to have the former Disney artist silhouette him. " He found me on my SilhouettesbyCindiFacebook, and had his silhouette done by me when he was 5, and I was a teenager, doing silhouettes for a Disney art company in Houston at Astroworld," the pop artist said.  Another woman, came in from San Antonio, where Rose had silhouetted her for The San Antonio Express Newspaper, in 1981. A grandmother of two sets of twins, had her children done by Cindi Harwood in New York, in 1983, when Cindi lived there with her husband, famed plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose and her celebrity daughter, Erica, now a reality star and law graduate from The Bachelor and other TV shows.

Rose was attired in silhouette necklaces that can be made from her own work scanned and placed into findings from craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's and sealed with Modge Podge. She also had a silhouette game at her table for the children to play with.   Cindi Harwood did over 80 silhouettes in 4 ½ hours, mounting and signing each one herself.  "I love to do fundraisers for Presidential and children's museums, schools, churches, historic houses, and non-profits.  It is a win/win. The venue gets more traffic and sales, and they benefit financially," Mrs. C. H. Rose attested.  Her work represented a modern twist to the old-fashioned art, making it more pop fine art, with style.

                C. Rose taught herself to cut silhouettes as a young teen when she realized that drawing portraits for a theme park was too competitive and messy.  "I did not know that silhouette cutting from life was a lost art and that there are only a few handfuls of silhouette artists in the world.  I just picked up the scissors and cut one out by looking at the art manager, and he hired me on the spot, took back my portrait artist smock, and let me design my own silhouette outfit," Rose explained.  For more information, look at and see her videos on YouTube.  The real art of cutting a French styled silhouette is with small black paper, no shadow, no light, no photo, just from observing a profile and a personality, and then directly cutting the interpretation with fine details.  Lavatar, a German psychiatrist a few hundred years ago used silhouette artists to help him determine personality from features.

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